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Nick   Sacramento, California, United States
There once was a story, and it went much like this... A young boy eager to see the world steps out of bed one morning. He sees a small laptop on his desk, and he knows what must be done. He opens Team Fortress 2, and there before his eyes is the majesty that can only be known as pyro vision... The boy fell in love with the rainbows and squeaky voices, he vowed one day to become one of the great players of tf2 and rid himself of his gibus shame. That day did not come quickly... The boys parents were having troubles with their marrige, and soon found himself in a bad place... some real deep shit hole; Hell on Earth... The young boy who was so eager to see the world had seen to much. He had seen his loving parents turn on him and eachother. He wished it to be over and layed under the covers crying every night. Then one day on a place that can only be known as hightower the boy met a man who would change his life. This God among men, Kirby, helped the boy through his torubles, and slowly he stopped crying at night; he became a strong understanding man who saved his parents marrige, and finally he could achieve his childhood dreams of becoming a great tf2 player. He joined a competitive team with his great friend and savior Kirby, and together they conquored the Iron 6s league. The boy moved on from Iron and slowly climbed the tower of leagues up to gold league. As the boy came closer to completing his dream, the boy realised that he was beginning to lose sight of what was important... His old friend Kirby. The boy quit his gold team and rejoined Kirby back in Iron league!!! The boy met some amazing new people and his eagerness to see the world had been re-sparked! The boy soon met a wonderful woman, who can only be known as SPARKY THE GREAT, she taught the boy the way of the sailboat, and named him Captain of the S.S. Dingy. This is where the boys story ends, not because he is finsihed, no no but because he has homework to do and is now realizing that he just wasted a half an hour writing something that nobody will ever read.

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