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   :csgo_crown: CSGO Elite Knife Club :csgo_crown:: If you believe you meet the qualifications,feel free to write a comment down below for an invite . :bigups:

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New pc for CS:GO (sarcasm)
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A very nice guy. We met him during the match, I decided to write to him and not talk much. It turned out to be a very sociable man, I asked Dahl for some tips on life in order to become a successful owner of the same number of knives as him) It was nice to meet and play with you. Good luck bro:steamhappy:
The Eggcellent Man Aug 27 @ 6:50am 
1mb1r Aug 26 @ 4:40pm 
Hi, I want to join the knife elite club.
1mb1r Aug 26 @ 4:38pm 
Hi, I want to join the knife elite club.
Skyez Aug 26 @ 3:41pm