teenage putin in a circle
Xavier   Toronto, Ontario, Canada
TF2Center: Popsicles Flow Through My Veins was kicked by pillowdota (G.E.W.P)
Popsicles Flow Through My Veins: kys
Popsicles Flow Through My Veins: fucker
pillowdota (G.E.W.P): Mis Click !
pillowdota (G.E.W.P): I Did Not Mean To Leave !
Popsicles Flow Through My Veins: little chink baby wanna get spanked?
Popsicles Flow Through My Veins: punk ass nigga
oct: say it with your chest little ass nigga
Agent Calamity: Congrats chubby white kids playing tf2 can say nigga.
Popsicles Flow Through My Veins: kys

andrew: just remember
andrew: if you start doing bad
andrew: just channel mbhound
andrew: and you will be great again
september #FREETHEHOUND: THE hound
september #FREETHEHOUND: free up
september #FREETHEHOUND: 2k16

sponky: what does RK stand for
engineer mge master: really kancer
september: reindeer kum
ЯK! poo-tee-weet?: racist kikes
engineer mge master: retarded klansmen

Bobby Basketball : u smart
september : u loyal
Dirty Dan : we da best

[SM] ADMIN: Initiated a ban vote against 9AM | Lunean.
[SM] Vote successful. (Received 62% of 8 votes)
[SM] Banned player "9AM | Lunean" for 30 minutes.
9AM | Lunean left the game (Banned by vote)
september : rip

september: ready up
naknak is now Online.
naknak: was poopin

ЯK! spaghetti: Bye my 1/9 angry man
ЯK! spaghetti is now Away.

Unusual History

Bubbling Doctor's Sack
Steaming Ye Olde Baker Boy
Smoking Ye Olde Baker Boy
Bubbling Ye Olde Baker Boy
Blizzardy Storm Rubber Glove
Bubbling Attendant
Blizzardy Storm Little Buddy
Bubbling Whoopee Cap
Stormy Storm Engie Cap
Orb Fire Prussian Pickelhaube
Circling TF logo Brigade Helm
Haunted Ghosts Brigade Helm
Disco Beat Down Vintage Merryweather
Vivid Plasma Napper's Respite
Cloud 9 Honcho's Headgear
Purple Energy Vintage Merryweather!!!!!!
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9PM | Lunean Aug 29, 2016 @ 2:02pm 
thanks for the autism
Bearcat Apr 30, 2016 @ 10:55am 
+rep fast, friendly trader :D
Naruto's Foster Mom Apr 26, 2016 @ 8:59am 
Added for the Honcho's Headgear if you'd like to talk
SparkBag Apr 17, 2016 @ 10:47am 
Added to negotiate for the Honcho's Headgear
Braaaaxton Apr 1, 2016 @ 8:35pm 
+rep Good Trader
cleveland hates random crits Mar 20, 2016 @ 12:56pm 
I offered another trade for your Haunted Ghosts Brigade Helm! Check www.tf2outpost.com!