Oxydeous (Local Forecast)
B.T. DUTCH, The Great Pretender "Mr. Inbetween" '16-'18
I am the only. I am B.T. DUTCH.
31337. Over the hill, am I? Who would know? Who will know something of me? All my fears made flesh, set loose unto the realm of ________. On the other side, maybe. They have all caught the same disease. From goodwill to greed, from flesh to ashes. I need them only for spare parts, and to keep the clock wound so as to get the time back. I will sail adrift, as they will soon. Down the same stream we shall float until the end of days. Until He decends from His radiant prism up on high.

You will fall when I tell you to fall. You will learn from me and follow my example. I command you to. This begins now, and with some time, you'll begin to see things my way.

I will set aside my differences and preferences. They will wear you like new shoes. Call me any name you'd like, as I am sure you do not believe it yourself.

Too far gone, it seems. I was gone too long. I should have never left. I keep forgetting. I pray for peace in the upcoming trials. The decade spent on the other side was not worth the price.

www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0_FvK51wOQ To read into the melody; to uncover the truth.


Be born. Toil. Die.
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Paper Triangle
"It felt strange, and how I reacted was stranger yet. I could not feel myself panic, or attempt any form of self-preservation. It didn't feel like I was even dying. I could see my vision brighten, instead of decending into a dark chasm like what was so often portrayed as death. I could feel my limbs flatten but felt no pain; just a procedural transformation to the two-dimensional plane. My head swelled and stretched out, and so did too begin to flatten out. The ambient music came to a lilting crescendo, as if every passing note was a representation of my current life fading away; being played once, and never heard again in the same order. I could tell the song was ending, and with it, my life as a three-dimensional being; I felt no sorrow. I felt no pain. I felt a semblance of accomplishment, much like how old folk would look back upon their life as they die at a ripe old age. Like it was their time to go. Like it was my time to go. I felt myself smiling but knew my lips did not curl into one; instead I could feel them fade away, as my mouth pursed itself for the last time, retreating into my face. All the color had long since left my body, leaving my complexion a manilla, milky white color. The color of the purest paper. All of me was now flat, and white, my body now the facimile of the human form. I joined the rest of those now like me, turned to paper, gently drifting above the ground, wandering the halls of the ever-unfolding world laid out before us. I felt my thoughts slow, and was able to remember what my face looked like before I could remember and think no more. It had been done. I became paper."

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Oxydeous (Local Forecast) Nov 15 @ 8:26am 
"Tell me that story again; the one about the paper triangle people, and the man who unfolded their world and redeemed himself." "In time. I have hopes that someday you'll do as he did, in the story."
Oxydeous (Local Forecast) Nov 13 @ 9:23am 
"-wrapped in black. He would be the one to bring about the thunder and lightning. The sounds would echo outwards unto the horizon."
Oxydeous (Local Forecast) Nov 9 @ 8:29pm 
"A killer of men, and a father of ten."
Oxydeous (Local Forecast) Nov 8 @ 8:13pm 
frivole de nuit
Oxydeous (Local Forecast) Nov 8 @ 4:42pm 
"-stopped going to [RDC]. You just stopped giving a damn. You've let them win, and made the very worst parts of you your entire goddamned personality. You're all, "woe is me" instead of "what can I do to help myself"? Look to your kin. It is they that will command the rising of spires, as you lay on the bottom floor, toiling away, constructing the spire. So untie yourself, kill those demons you keep talking about, and get on with it. Eight years isn't a whole lot of time! And I can guarantee you, he wouldn't be late for it. He wouldn't miss it for anything in the world. Hell, he just wouldn't miss at all, come to think of it."
Oxydeous (Local Forecast) Nov 6 @ 8:32am 
"Cut 'er loose; we've done all we can. The bats gotta eat, too. And don't worry about the mess, they won't leave behind anything."