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Glad I could help.

From my experience, it's pretty common for old games to have more compatibility issues in fullscreen mode. There have been several cases where games behaved weirdly for me until I switched to windowed mode.

And even one game that didn't work at all. IIRC, I had to use DXWnd in order to force it to run in a window, then set it to its actual windowed mode. After that, I no longer needed that program.
It will never happen. The developers were shut down by their parent company, who then closed down entirely and got acquired by another company who also went bankrupt recently.

While all of this happened over the last 7 years, absolutely nothing was ever done with any of their games. Don't expect it to ever change either.

You'll have to buy the games from somewhere else. I can give you a few examples of sites that still sell them if you don't know any.
Were you playing the game in fullscreen mode before it stopped working? If so, you might still get it to run in windowed mode.

Of course, you can't change the game's settings now. But they should be changed accordingly if you can locate your save data and replace the file "profiles\settings.dat with this one:
Nov 27 @ 4:44am
In topic Japanese Subs
Doubt it. You'd probably need every single file from the Japanese version.
Nov 25 @ 2:03pm
In topic Im missing tip number 11 for 100%
You should get this TIP in one of Ukita's scenes in the Xtend episode. Specifically, Xe: Network.
From what I remember, you're way better off playing as a pirate so you don't have to pay tribute. It's not the only advantage pirates have either.

If you do insist on being a merchant, avoid paying tribute altogether. The demands will scale with the amount of money you have until they become so insane they eat up your entire income, making any further progress impossible.

This will result in your warehouses being plundered all the time, so don't make use of them at all. You will also occasionally be robbed of some of your money, but this is nowhere near as severe, especially if you make good use of the banks.
In 2011, the developer, Sandlot Games, decided to abandon their roots and sell themselves to Digital Chocolate for whom they were supposed to make Facebook games.

Unfortunately, Digital Chocolate quickly ran into financial trouble and shut them down. Everything they ever made was then left abandoned.

And it didn't save Digital Chocolate from eventually closing down completely and being acquired by RockYou, who likewise did nothing with Sandlot Games' assets before going bankrupt themselves earlier this year.

I don't know who owns the assets now, but it's unlikely they'll do anything with them either. Any games from them that aren't already on Steam never will be. You'll have to buy them from somewhere else. A few sites should still offer them.
Nov 5 @ 5:00pm
In topic Japanese Subs
I believe Sekai Project said years ago that Front Wing didn't want the Japanese version available here.
IIRC, those are H-scenes. Only remember that the first one requires making a choice that will appear in the middle of the common route if Kasumi's affection is high enough.
Oct 27 @ 4:54pm
In topic Need to pay for extra stories?
Reviews for the Switch and PS4 versions say nothing about having to pay extra for those.
Oct 26 @ 6:36am
In topic Rewrite When?
What reference would that be?
Have fun ruining the experience. There are VNs where it the route order doesn't matter too much. This is not one of them. I can explain why if you want, though you don't seem to be interested.
Oct 6 @ 8:55am
In topic Please add AUD Pricing
No point in posting about it here. It will never be fixed.
Originally posted by matteste:
I am little unsure about these news, but if true, then Light is back in business. In what fashion though I can't say.
What news?
Sep 29 @ 7:18am
In topic Rewrite When?
I believe he was the editor, not the translator. Can't say for sure, though.
Sep 23 @ 4:15am
In topic R18 patch
Because it's a total gamble whether or not Valve would accept it. They've been randomly denying VNs lately with no explanation. Anything with a high school setting is particularly likely to get the ban hammer.
Sep 22 @ 3:00pm
In topic R18 patch
I don't think Valve would even let this version of the VN on Steam nowadays, let alone the 18+ version. Featuring high school girls is now the most reliable way to get denied by them.
Sep 22 @ 8:36am
In topic Rewrite When?
I used to import plenty of VNs myself. They all worked perfectly fine so long as my system locale was set to Japanese. Except for Rewrite, whose unpatched executable instead gave me a multilingual message telling me I wasn't allowed to read it outside of Japan.
Sep 22 @ 8:27am
In topic Rewrite When?
That won't work. Siglus goes beyond that and checks where the OS came from. You can only fool it with software that's specifically designed to bypass this region lock.

It's not due to a bug either. The engine will literally tell you that it may only be used in Japan.
Sep 22 @ 8:08am
In topic Rewrite When?
Actually, yes. The VN is indeed region-locked. Visual Art's programmed their engine to refuse to operate on any non-Japanese copies of Windows. Naturally, the hacked executable used by Rewrite's fan translation lacks said region lock, but what you said is still technically incorrect.

Though even if you don't care about translation quality and the cost of importing a Japanese copy, I still have even more arguments against using the fan TL. It's based on the original version rather than Rewrite+, so it lacks all of that version's additions. This includes a lot of extra content that was originally from Rewrite's fandisc.
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