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Jun 1 @ 7:47am
In topic How are you supposed to use the Leper?
First, go Tempest, then increase his debuff resistance any way you can (trinket, memory, quirk, pet). You don't need combo tokens. Congratulations, you now have a killing machine that can also taunt and self heal.
May 27 @ 10:32am
In topic Vestal seems really bad.
It's an interesting character but really restricted. Most of her better skills have long cooldowns. So you're only left with one or two skills to choose from in the meantime.

Divine Grace (single target heal) is a big disappointment. Not only does it have a high floor to activation (25/33% HP), it also as a cooldown of 2. It's strange to see that Surgeon Plague Doctor makes a much better healer than the Vestal.

And as the others said, Divine Comfort is underwhelming unless you got the class trinket that strengthens it (at the cost of an item slot).
The only redeeming feature of this character is her ability to provide positive tokens for several rounds with Consecrations. That's why I favor Seraph over the other paths (5 rounds).
May 23 @ 7:52am
In topic Hellion is now too weak
I didn't know the hero at all and first used her as a bleeder in a bleed team. I got the Leviathan trinket that doubles bleed stacks. That's 12 bleed stacks with the upgraded skill that targets the front. Not too bad!

I beat the last act boss only with bleeds as I wasn't able to kill the minion in the last rank which should tell you how high the damage output can get with bleed focused comps and Hellion.
May 23 @ 7:27am
In topic How to cheat candles?
I myself started a first campaign where I unlocked (cheated in) everything, altar and hero skills. I was tired of playing (and failing) with the same four characters and was completely confused with the upgrades, the enemies, pretty much everything.

It's very difficult I think, for a developer who's familiar with his game, to have a good idea of how it feels for newbies. My first 10 hours of play were not that pleasant but I persisted and it got better as I progressed. I think RH needs to redesign the experience and learning curve, the tutorials and the meta progression (a very confusing part, unexplained) so that newcomers don't feel (too) lost.

And now, I'm on a new campaign where I go through the progression.

So as others may have said, to add candles, find 'profile_1.json' in your save folder and find this part:
"m_ProfileValues": { "m_Id": null, "m_Values": [ [ "candles", 109.0 ] ] },
Just change the number (float). If you can't find this block of code, just add it and it should do the trick.
May 23 @ 7:11am
In topic "A lesson taught, is a lesson learned"
Interesting variety of interpretations!

I think I would give the same answer as HighLanderPony, in a vacuum (as a teacher myself). The idea is when you think about how to teach something, not only do you have to understand the subject well (and even more) you have to think about how it will be received. Basically, the effort you've put into the lesson makes it stick.

Though, it could mean something else in a specific context. In that sense, it could also be a play on the expression (there are a few of them in the game, I recall).
Yes! I thought exactly that.
May 19, 2022 @ 10:51am
In topic We need more slots for heroes
As Oin said, there would be little point in having more slots as it's extremely difficult to keep everyone leveled even with 12 slots and upgraded Training Grounds.
Mordred does indeed mix some defending and control abilities. He doesn't excel at either but can bring some utility, depending on your party. For example, Chain Lightning value increases the more AP debuffs your team can apply.

However, he doesn't have the traditional supporting skills of Defenders in Taunt and Guard. So, while he'll hold out his own outnumbered, he won't be able to control enemies optimally and they may choose to ignore him and strike your back line. Of course, there are other variables that will affect that.

He will never perform as well as a specialized damage dealer for the reasons Njall expressed. The Keeper of the Excalibur trait (+5% damage/relic) was probably meant to compensate for the lack of Loyalty bonus but it's currently bugged and disappears after a time.

I would not grant him a spot in my ideal team but for me, he's more of a reliable choice when everything and everyone else fails (whatever the reason). Not ideal but reliable, especially in the early game.
May 17, 2022 @ 10:26am
In topic +1 AP / kill = kill the game :(
It's hilarious to see people complaining that their cheats and exploits are going to get fixed!
May 10, 2022 @ 10:32am
In topic Why this game Looks older than Homm3?
Remove 'art' from 'pixel art' and you have it.
Why would they downgrade better looking assets in the first place is beyond me.

The maps look so damn blurry that I have to squint to discern objects. On the other hand, the UI looks just fine. What a pity!
Hopefully, the gameplay is good enough that this pixel mush can be ignored.
Originally posted by Karambo:
does free roster means you need to have space in the fighting line or just having space overall?
The latter!
Renown. But it's also called Business Reputation in the files. That probably explains the mistake.
Apr 20, 2022 @ 3:27am
In topic HELP: holy war wont end!
Yes, for some reason, it doesn't end immediately. But it will.
Apr 19, 2022 @ 6:23am
In topic Settlement situations that never happen
Collectors is a new situation that got added with the last update. It doesn't have a description but it increases the price of beast trophies. I don't know about the others.
Apr 16, 2022 @ 12:18am
In topic What's use of "{}" in scripts?
I'm not sure where exactly you see unpaired brackets. The files seem fine to me. And yes, you should always enclose the code with two. If you don't, the file probably won't parse and the game will return an error.

Edit: oh, you're right, now I see it. Actually, this is inside a string so it doesn't seem like it will cause problems but maybe the displayed text will contain a bracket. It could be an oversight.
Apr 14, 2022 @ 4:09pm
In topic Oathtaker background base wage
Originally posted by Calandro:
Eh, in the Oathtaker's case I'd say it is to do with the background itself.
Yes, I meant that backgrounds account for little in the hiring price total bar a few exceptions like Swordmasters. But since possible equipment and levels are tied to a background it's not really visible.
Apr 14, 2022 @ 2:51pm
In topic Oathtaker background base wage
Yes, but you can find 3-4k HK and 2-3K Sellswords. The cheap backgrounds would need good rolls and the right talents to match the starting stats of these. Though, in fairness, I would hire them all as well.

Sometimes, you want the equipment (Oathtakers, Assassins, etc.) and you get a character as well. However, as UN said, some backgrounds are almost never worth it.

Originally posted by Hade's Dragon:
One oathtaker was like over 15 k. That's staggeringly expensive.
It has little to do with the background itself but rather with the character equipment and levels. And if, like me, you buy Coat of Scales and Full Helms, then 15k is a good price for more efficient armor.
Apr 9, 2022 @ 4:14am
In topic Taunt bugged?
Originally posted by kremik.of.thalia:
Well then the description of Taunt is incredibly inaccurate. "Forces to attack" is a pretty absolute statement.
It is how it is supposed to work so if what you describe is true then it is a bug.
Apr 5, 2022 @ 3:58am
In topic Codex Of War Update 31/01/23
That's a huge mod!
Originally posted by rapsdjff:
Not sure what you mean. The base method is always called from the overriding method, for all champions.
Yes, it's just that Orc Warriors have:
if (! { return false; };
Whereas other entities just have:
if (! { return false; }
So, essentially, the base method runs twice for Orc Warriors.
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