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A beautiful witch in the party, I like it :) ! Good job!
Jul 28 @ 1:21am
In topic How do I change shortcuts?
As 千仞万渊 said, use a software like AutoHotkey or make a mod to change the default hotkeys.
Jul 26 @ 5:27am
In topic What are the drop rates for 100% gear?
Originally posted by VoiD:
just did it again tonight, had to hit him once to stun him, got all of his gear, weird.
Is there some cap on weapons perhaps? Like limiters to prevent you from getting leader armor with a bunch of half naked peasants?
As Firerage said, no.
Weapons work differently (it's all detailed in the link I gave you, in the section that talks about repairing loot).
Jul 26 @ 5:24am
In topic [Mod] Tweaks and Fixes
Originally posted by John Doe:
Yep, as centurion said, that will work just fine (as long as you have mod hooks)! Well done!

Originally posted by msunavygrad:
That is sad. I will miss the early game Champions. It is really something that the new DLC should add, no reason to have to wait until after day 110 for Champions to begin to wander the world.
Right. That said, there's a follower who slightly increases the base chance to find champions. So with him, it will be possible to find champions early (though still rare).
Jul 25 @ 12:10pm
In topic [Mod] Tweaks and Fixes
Hey, John Doe :) !
It's very easy to achieve. Anyone can do it! Just extract the tweak that prevents the Crusader and Orc Slayer from leaving or even the one that prevents the pay raise event from triggering. Use the file as a basis to copy but change the event file name to drunkard_loses_stuff_event instead. Done!
Unfortunately, I fear mod hooks won't work with the DLC and pretty much all my tweaks are using it so it could very well be that they won't work either.
Jul 24 @ 7:12am
In topic What are the drop rates for 100% gear?
You may find some answers there:
A bug will sometimes prevent undamaged armor from dropping (and possibly other items too).
Jul 20 @ 10:15pm
In topic [Mod] Tweaks and Fixes
Hey, msunavygrad :) !
Yes, if mod hooks still works or is updated, I will!

Yes, I could probably add some more. We'll see! I also want to make a lighter version of the tweak, with only new champions, chances and item tables (not modified named items).

Doesn't the tabards mod work by default? I would need permission to do anything with it.

Yes, it's possible, though I'm not sure what it would achieve (they would probably just get closer).
Originally posted by msunavygrad:
I know how the pay for pelt works, what I am saying is that the best way to make money in this game is to explore the wilderness and loot camps. Being paid to explore with the off chance of collecting even more money for pelts is gravy.
That depends. Contracts can be extremely rewarding and they yield more profits than exploration when you've reached a certain Renown level in the mid game. That's the conclusion Chinese player Flickering came to after collecting economic data over several campaigns.

If you are going to the wilderness anyway, if the hunting location and the settlement is on your way and close to the edge of civilization, then yes, you can make it work. But that's usually too many conditions to meet, at least for me.
Yes, pretty much everyone agrees they should be reworked. The region feature does not work flawlessly either.

Originally posted by msunavygrad:
Actually it is "free" money, as the contract is paying your company to explore the wilderness and to plunder any camps along the way. The only time to not take this contract is if your Company is borderline broke, beaten up, or starving.
Besides the advance on payment, you only get paid if you kill specific beasts. If you didn't, then you wasted time (and money) wandering around and coming back to the settlement to complete the contract.
Jun 30 @ 12:14pm
In topic Battle Bros 2
Originally posted by suejak:
Yes, BB2 is under development and it actually contains everything you have ever asked for, including legs, women, horses, and playable orcs. Unfortunately, to avoid repetitive content, it does not include things that were already in BB1, like torsos, men, or playable humans.

So basically it will playable female orcs and horses who are all legs up to the head. And you can run a magical kingdom of female orcs and horses.
Haha, GotY 2021.
Jun 28 @ 9:25am
In topic Beggar Brothers - A New Challenge Run
This battle is a lesson on resilience. I've never seen such a messy Monolith victory, but you pulled it, in two successive attempts!
It's a shame your sacrifice didn't perform. The lack of Fatigue and Recover gimped him hard.
The Conqueror also managed to get in and at that point, I thought it was over for sure with all the Nimble characters who bleed like no one.
Fortunately, your second shield expert did a much better job at holding the enemies and managed to protect the other characters.
The end was about kiting as well as you could with the priests.
Seed mostly affect your starting roster and the map. Though mods can alter those for a same seed.
Initial recruits are generated when you first enter a settlement, as I believe. So it wouldn't be seed specific.
Jun 26 @ 3:12pm
In topic Dev Blog #143: The Arena
Originally posted by Saint Thomas d'Aquin:
Yeah I was expecting it to be round too, but I don't know if it fit well with hexagons. Otherwise I agree with you, they don't have an unlimited amount of time to make this DLC, I just found the arena map below game's graphics standards (which are pretty great), especially when you compare it with the new "southern swamps" map (In snake blog I think) but it's just my opinion.
Right, it'd be hexagonal rather which may not look satisfying!
I must say the other environments shown so far (camps and desert) look gorgeous. So yes, I still hope they'll find some time to squeeze in a few assets to make this arena more believable!
Jun 26 @ 1:31pm
In topic Dev Blog #143: The Arena
Originally posted by Saint Thomas d'Aquin:
Really cool concept but I don't really like how arena look like, especially bleachers look like, but I understand it's hard to make it look good, when there is no legs and with hexagons restrictions.
You took the words out of my mouth.

This particular scene is both exterior and interior. It also includes NPC which is a first in BB! That's why the lack of details is very apparent. We'd expect a building, people sitting in bleachers, etc. Now, it just looks like a square of sand surrounded by hills.
That said, I'd rather they focus on systems than spend outrageous amounts of time creating new assets and making the arena tactical map look pretty.
A small and easy improvement could be to make it round rather than square.

This blog is quite light in terms of truly new information but the developers must be congratulated still for bringing us regular weekly news. I imagine they must be hard at work on implementing and testing everything they planned for this DLC.
And they're listening to their player base evidently!

I'm guessing it'll be hard to chain battles, because in most likelihood, armor and HP lost as well as injuries sustained will carry over. So, I guess the game will keep count of how many battles were won and the player can participate again at any time to increase his streak or lose it all.

The arena perk seems to have three levels. How to upgrade from one to the next and what bonus do they entail is still unknown! It also remains to be seen how useful the gladiator unique armors will be. In any case, this promises to be fun!
Jun 26 @ 3:48am
In topic RNG and True Random
People who complain about RNG are somewhat justified because I suspect they don't know what they should really be complaining about. It's not indeed the RNG that should be put into question but the hit chance and hit roll system, that is how RNG is used in the game. Whether or not this system is fair and promotes tactical skills over pure chance is the real problem. Without knowing better, people who feel that the combat mechanics are unfair are just taking it on the RNG.
Jun 25 @ 1:07pm
In topic Summer sale
It's really difficult to make a recommendation because there's nothing like BB. And I don't mean to be cheesy. I've literally not played anything else, or barely. Although, I guess I don't want to spend the time learning a new game mechanics.

I've seen some streams of a game called Urtuk and besides DD, I would say it's the closest you can find to BB. For other TBS games, I would recommend the Banner Saga if you haven't already played it. DD and tBS inspired look alike games and I hear good things about those too.

You'll probably find something to your taste if you look for other TBS, supposing the tactical aspect is what you like in BB. Cheers!
Jun 24 @ 6:16am
In topic Late July Release?
The wiki isn't wrong. The DLC was planned to be released in Q2 (April to June). We're at the end of Q2 so it's probable the next blog will give us a new estimate or even a specific date.

I initially thought they'd make it still, but either the estimate was too optimistic, they got more delayed than I imagined, they decided to work more on the content or any combination of the above.

The game will most probably not release before another month if we take into account the time needed for beta testing.
My advice would be to copy an existing working mod and modify it to your liking. Only one additional origin can appear in the list, unless you mod the UI as well.
Jun 21 @ 11:11am
In topic Beggar Brothers - A New Challenge Run
Congratulations, turtle! You made it with a band of worthless lowlives!
You got quite a few promotions! The King's Guard one is not so easy to get so I guess your patience was rewarded!
You could certainly attempt to beat some of the legendary locations!

What are you thoughts about the origin balance? Would you like to see anything changed?

Certainly, msunavygrad, I intend to update my mods after the DLC release, if possible!
I see! It looks like another working strategy! You also have a few more brothers to help with the tentacles.
I didn't think about the shrub. Clearly the best way to stay safe! Nice touch! So you don't actually have to restrict yourself to a 10 men roster, even if you want to solo the Kraken.
Anything's possible, in short. So yes, I'm guessing new records will soon be set before the DLC is released.
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