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Posted: Mar 21 @ 5:50pm

I didn't play the first Dragon's Dogma so I wasn't really following DD2's development until I heard about it a few weeks before release. That said, it didn't take me long to pour over all the early access previews from reviewers and the likes and I was stoked to try it out.

Then, after pre-purchasing the Deluxe Edition, I went to install it today and saw a whole page dedicated to it's Micro Transactions in the store. How do you even have the nerve to put any kind of micro transactions in an already fully priced SINGLE PLAYER game. It's so wild to me.

This shameless, money grubbing, capitalist investor direction that big studios are going now will be the death of them. I only booted the game up once so that I could leave this review. Anything that the game could've been is soured by the wholly unnecessary, disgusting micro transactions.

Sad really, I was stoked to play it. Guess I'll just play Stardew Valley while I wait for better studio's games like No Rest for the Wicked and Elden Ring's expac.

Pitiful. Don't be a sheep! Don't support this type of monetization! Especially given the context of it being a fully priced, single player game. Do. Not. Support. Monetization like this.
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Lu2 Mar 24 @ 5:27am 
its cheat dlcs . you can use trainer to get those item for free if you are desperate
capcom just milking cheaters who doesnt have acces to trainer or dont have idea how to use it
Enoxyi Mar 24 @ 5:09am 
your bad at the game
Sandakin Mar 23 @ 7:45pm 
Here, take a clown
Harvest Dragon Mar 23 @ 7:15pm 
Stop it. steam has many games with micro DLC on release. All you need to do: don't buy the DLC
NineLittleCups Mar 22 @ 12:41pm 
I’m also concerned with the number of reviews I watched that failed to mention the microtransactions. It’s been released that all reviewers were provided with a list of which microtransactions would be available so they weren’t blindsided at all. This industry has become disappointing
PeaceMaker Mar 22 @ 12:12pm 
I advise refund and go play DD!- It's a great game.
choke on my halo ツ Mar 22 @ 12:03pm 
@Superius if you want to have a good time Id recommend DD1 even if youre disappointed by DD2
I3L00dLu$t Mar 22 @ 8:54am 
Never pre-order. Never buy on day one.
When will people learn?
Ice Cube was neva gangsta Mar 22 @ 7:51am 
If you think it's okay for the publishers to SNEAK in an in game store in a full priced game that doesn't even perform well and isn't even an improvement over the first one then you are the reason why it's this bad in the first place. You people need to learn to have some kind of dignity.
IdleOcean Mar 22 @ 7:31am 
The thing with companies is, if you give them an inch then they'll take the mile. A $70 single player game with ANY micro-transactions should NOT be allowed, this is not including denovo, Always online and the one save system.

The reason why we are angry at this is because if we allow Capcom to get away with this all their future games will have more predatory Microtransactions and harsher anti-consumer practices. Other AAA studios will probably follow suit.

I don't know about you guys but I don't want to live in a world were a $70 single player game with Microtransactions is normal.