Saffaron ringme
*poof nigga*   Texas, United States
Kriz is a cuck and Ally is questionable LMAO

Kyappy: NOOB

watch out: have fun?
watch out: dont really care lol
watch out: you're a shitlord
watch out: you're part of the problem this game has btw
watch out: and why it's dying
watch out: so have fun playing a dying dead game
watch out: that nobody cares about
watch out: LOL
watch out: fucking idiot

im not the same man: Ayyyy
im not the same man: Baby
im not the same man: Hmu
I had a sex change.: LMAO

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I almost cried ;-;
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dirtyDan #2 Jun 30 @ 11:17am 
I fucking remember you, you damn pervert. You were that guy that pushed me on the McDonald's parking lot floor and violently shoved a dick in my mouth and told me, "You have to drink it all~" and slapped me in the face with it for 3 minutes while repeating the same fucking phrase over and over again, "You like this, don't you? Dirty whore~". Then when you were about to squirt you shoved in in my mouth and you forced me to gag and swallow it. You then said, "Choke on it you slut!" and left me to rot in the corner. Not only that, but you damaged my throat so badly, everytime I eat or drink anything I can still taste your salty, thick cum in my throat. Now, everytime I'm having a good time eating my favorite foods, I always remember you licking your lips and moaning. You fucking cunt, I'm calling the fucking FBI on your ass.
runfu Jun 13 @ 6:56pm 
d       oticapsed
e       t
s       i
p       c
a       a
c       p
i       s
t       e
        e       t
        s       i
        p       c
        a       a
        c       p
        i       s
        t       e
despacito       d
! ! ! ATTENTION 2003 KIDS ! ! ! This 👇 is the last year of being a kid 👦👧! Because NEXT 👉YEAR! We gon be T33N4G3RS💁💅!! PARTYING 🎉💃 DRINKING 🍻🍸🍹🍷 MAKING OUT AND SEX 👅💦O_O PERIODS ☹🍫 HEARTBREAKS 💔☹ MIDDLE SCHOOL SOPHOMORES (7️⃣TH GRADE)
Kamil LFT demo (6s & 9s) May 26 @ 3:53pm 
Just remembered, I was only a tryout/sub for smoke for 2 weeks.
HaPPy BOy LFT May 8 @ 7:06am 
This guy right here is gay ngl
dirtyDan #2 May 8 @ 6:26am 
if any ugc steel teams are reading this guys comments, he constantly gets 40 frags as spy in scrims. Pick him up ASAP he wants to be the new stabby stabby