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Windex is the drink of kings. Any more questions?

I only trade with those who are serious, to show that you are serious, you need to have the golden profile animation over your avatar to show that you're a real deal. I don't want to waste my time with any non golden profile pictures.
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Ever wonder what'll happen if you swallow an air pod whole then start playing music inside of your body? I do every time I see those buggers in people's ears. Air pods is actually quite an interesting concept which sounds like it'll never work. In fact many actually thought the idea of air pods was gonna fail to begin with. But to their surprise, they were more sucessful then ever.

I get a few scammers here and there and I honestly gotta admit, most of them have really broken English, one big telling sign that they are a scammer is if they put a space before their question marks or cammas. It'll start looking something like this , which always looked weird to me and I really want to know why they do it ? Like, that's literally how they type. Whenever I incounter a scammer I like to give them this question. Most actually refuse to answer it mainly because it'll be super embarrising if you mess up a simple question. It's "A mother beats up her Daughter Because she was Drunk. Tell me Who was Drunk ?" Now think about it. This is a really hard question for anybody who isn't native in english. Mainly because you would have to know how construction of conversations work to fully understand it. It's quite interesting if you ask me!

I literally think Scammers don't read profile descriptions, I bet they just friend surf until they get some poor sucker that'll fall for it. My best advice is to like, accept them but waste as much of their time as possible. Since they are typing to you. They're not typing to the other person who could fall for it. Right after they add me, I like to check what friends they have in their friends list, then warn them about the person they added. Most people are actually gratifying if you do that. You'll also be saving a few good souls. It's quite simple too, just send a message in their public description page. If they have that thing set to private or closed off. I guess you could run the extra mile and friend them but most of the time they don't accept. Scammers are quite interesting when you really break them down.

I will never understand the appeal of leveling up my profile. I can't find any good reason to do so. Yea you can customize your profile a bit more and also look super fancy while doing it. But to me, it's just meh. I really only use my steam as a library for games and a way to connect to friends. Not really my main intention to actually do something to my steam profile anyways.

I will never forget a time when I was ordering a pizza but I was 5 cents off so the cashier calls up the manager who was walking right by him and was like "bruh this man missing 5 cents" and he just did the most "I don't care about 5 cents" vibe i've ever felt in my entire life. Which now leads me on to think that maybe I should start paying everything under the 5 cent limit to see if I could find somebody who would be like "Bruh, sorry, you didn't pay the 5 cents. Can't help you"
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Windex Furry Spider car Apr 11 @ 6:21pm 
I shall do anything to avoid my friend from playing the worst game in the world (Modded minecraft) and I will do anything to prevent this cruel fate. Doesn't matter who is in my way!
-REP Denying my friend request was A big mistake & now you will see why Windex Furry Spider you no good bastard...FAREWELL and I wish you die in real life as well as in Team Fortress 2!
Windex Furry Spider car Apr 6 @ 10:17am 
What is your purpose?
Tweety Apr 5 @ 7:11pm 
hi mate, can you add me? just for a quick chat
Windex Furry Spider car Mar 30 @ 9:20pm 
when the imposter s sus XDDDDDDD
RapidRaccoon Mar 30 @ 8:47pm 
⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⡇⠄⠄⠁ 👁️ ⠄⢹⣿⡗⠄ 👁️ ⢄⡀⣾⢀⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿