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// Sep 30 @ 3:18pm 
Dear aizy, I'm your big fan from Russia) Sign me please is my dream :steamhappy:
NBK- Sep 24 @ 2:17am 
Hello... I wish you continued success as a big fan. It's really fun to watch you and your team... I can get a signature as a fan 👍 Thank You Very Much
LziK Sep 17 @ 6:41am 
Hi, if you have free time, could you sign my profile? love from brazil <3
// Sep 17 @ 6:09am 
Dear aizy, sign me please is my dream) Don't ignore me pls :steamhappy:
EaSi1y:> Sep 16 @ 5:29pm 
Sign me plz
adr3n4- Sep 16 @ 5:57am 
can u sign my profile??? big fan here