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you ain't going to overlevel dude i basically banked all my souls when i was done buying skills and stuff throughout the game (start to finish.) and attacks which you are supposed to dodge on bosses still kill you.

Levels dont make you tanky thats based on the veils and skills you pick. So go ham and bank all them haze because yeah you'll hit harder but youll die just as fast being underleveled.
Oct 2 @ 4:35am
In topic Drain Attack
you can do quick drain RB + A after you attack at least once. Easiest drain to do IMO.
Sep 29 @ 8:18am
In topic Gift Inheritance (light spoilers)
some gifts cant be transfered and are class specific. Youll know which ones these are because they dont have an Affinity bar to indicate mastery.
Sep 29 @ 8:12am
In topic Mana-related question.
do your drain attacks either the slow one which you charge with A or the quick one when you press RB + A mid combo. This will increase your mana pool. (ichor).

your mana will always reset to the default value when you visit the bonfire.
Which one would help your player the most?

I'm having trouble with stamina now that i have full minutes and am looking to buying just one if it would help alot.
no you need to apply the vuln debuff with a heat weapon for your pets to take advantage of it.
Sep 2 @ 3:39am
In topic Rejoice my friends!
Ordos shops are now hourly! I can finally spend sometime on my other characters lol.
Sometimes when you do intel regardless of what class you are , the enemies are immune to damage.

Its just bad RNG. Sux that tech adept has to look out for another mod showing up tho.

yeah you come to this realization that the grav gun = god gun.

But i think the fun of the game is grabbing a gun/melee weapon you think is cool and making it equally powerful to the grav gun, in some cases even more stronger. That is the reason why i still play the game.

EDIT: A gun i find that is almost as good as the grav gun and requires little effort is the Autogun. High rate of fire like the heavy bolter and doesnt have the penalty to speed like the HBolter has for being a heavy weapon.
Aug 28 @ 4:44am
In topic [BUG] Captive stuck on rescue podium
I usually try bump them out when they get stuck and complete the mission. But this guy is so stubborn and i had to forfeit the rescue mission. Are the devs aware of this issue?
To be honest I play my crusader for that very reason that 2 of the 3 shops are hourly instead of weekly. If this had happened to lets say my assassin i would be playing her instead.

Aug 25 @ 7:36am
In topic Do all weapons skills work as intended?
That is good to hear i will be buying this tomorrow morning.
Aug 25 @ 6:28am
In topic Do all weapons skills work as intended?
Im ready to buy this and this is the only thing stopping me from buying this. I'm just wondering if all the skills work as intended ?
Aug 24 @ 1:23am
In topic Finished the what?
Man i had no idea about warzones and im like lvl 90 crusader lol
Aug 24 @ 12:01am
In topic Finished the what?
welcome to void crusades my friend. Just pick up all them little white symbols (ebony and ivory void shards) you put in storage and bring them to the table marked void crusades. You can pick either ivory or ebony styled crusades.

Personally i like the ivory one.

Oh and if you wanna level your guy up a bit do VCs and when you have a meme virus + 5 intels use em to power level.
Aug 23 @ 10:18pm
In topic ordo shop/vendor/store timer discussion
Aug 21 @ 8:00pm
In topic Specific Tyranid Issue
So far as i can tell the only unit i remember which blows up and deals damage on death is the huge khorne unit (forgot the name). Ima recreate this and see if i end up dying to an invisible field.

EDIT2: So i killed a toxicrene and me plus the monsters around me taking huge damage over time.
Aug 20 @ 4:45pm
In topic Does anyone ever use shards in slots?
If so which ones do you use?
Aug 18 @ 7:38pm
In topic Crossing Boundaries
When they address things like crafting gear for your pets and giving them access to armor breaking /penetration for end game content. (void crusades) I think the game will be worth it for you.

I don't feel the game is worth it for the tech adept but if any of the 3 other classes do it for you i would highly recommend getting martyr + prophecy. The general speed up of the game is what got me back to playing this game.
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