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Oct 18 @ 2:22am
In topic Really?
being stuck(glitch) on every plant on the map, and having bulletproof plant is a feature mate. didn't you get that.
Oct 15 @ 1:19am
In topic new player experience in 10-2020
as someone said earlier if you lost patience that early in the game.. not sure the game is really for you.

the game demand a bunch of patience. the thing with this game tho, is you can generate money just like that. its slow paced. but if (lets say for example) you had your industry, everything set up and then you go SETA to generate profit, many just go to sleep in the mean time (its the only game on steam I did let legit week open just to generate profit, I was playing around 1-2 hours a day the rest was just letting it grow profit in the background)

if you are not a fan of that, and want to hit endgame. just turn around.
both story in the game (cause today there is 2 plot to the game you can finish with impact on the universe) but the two story need 1-3 billions credit (no joke) to finish.

so if you are not ready for that, just turn around (seriously) and don't look back.
now I'll be honest 500 hours (of my first playthrough) was only fight, money only thanks to fight.
only thing I did more than combat mission and war, was upgrading the HQ.

if you want a tutorial how to play the game, I can do it. I made resume that helped people greatly who were struggling on the game (because I am a casual, and the "hardcore" community here don't help casual as they assume the whole planet have 8 hours to play game each day....

but again the special thing about this game, is managing is not the same, its actually interesting, its the only game I find managing worth it.
because everything in the game is actually produced, there is not "false economy" the economy is alive and you can (by yourself) shape the economy of the entire universe.

its takes time to understand the worse is AI managing in this game. its tedious miner, trader, manager(station) all freaking tedious to manage. to understand how it work, what are their limit... you need to try and loose a little time doing that actually.

but when you understand you make in one week (of casual gaming) around 40,000,000,000 (no joke) that what I made personally. in this whole week...

but to be honest, having a bunch of money like that don't give really that much gameplay at this point usually you need to clean what you did, disable all the satelite you did put, sell most of the ships you have. because otherwise the game become unplayable because of fps drop...

when you playing only combat and around 40,000,000 the game is not loosing fps and its actually fun as you struggling against endless wave of xenon and whatever ennemy you have...
but you sadly will be stopped at some point in the plot and will need to raise around 1,000,000,000+ to continue.

you don't have to, but the devs made the game in a way they expect you to get to with millions of income....

its good for veteran player who get a bit of challenge, but its destroying casual players who want action fast.
Oct 14 @ 1:02am
In topic UPDATE 0.622 [SIEGES #1]
lets gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Oct 12 @ 7:16am
In topic don't know about this
will answer by order to your post

1. I "complain" again not only about the game, about the development of the game which wasn't polished and finished properly with cut features for god know why reason.
but the game itself is bad too as it is today a "finish product" we can judge it as bad.

from last devblog. the position, distance, formation, look of the AI are exactly the same as in freeman guerilla warfare
for comparaison...

this is from guerilla warfare:*4hYQ0JGkSx4if0tDiiuBoA.jpeg

even look at the graphic, some screenshot look better but that well calculated, you compare the screenshot posted here
and freeman guerilla warfare you see almost no difference.
this game won't be like FGW, but it is definetely the same engine and some of the features SHOULD have make up their way to FGW.

3rd I don't care either about what you think of me, I tried to showcase me as a whiny boi, I just prove you wrong.
of course I complain, but I have reason for that, I'm not complaining to complain without knowning anything about what I talk about
like you try to assume here...

4th the comment praising freeman guerilla warfare and the 7,000 good review are mostly talking about how they see the game in the future
today (recent review) are mixed, and downright the 70% rating you try to bring up here.

buying early access is not gambling, its investing, you expect a result.
but all project can fail, a failed project is said as such. here you even said freeman didn't release as it should've and its a bad released game.
I can complain how much I want, and get the room I want for it.
the question is how much it help, how much it make thing change to complain.
here I wrote it as a warning. for people looking for what this game gonna bring, and expecting too much.
because they didn't took the time to inform themselves about that other game they just released.
and maybe a dev will see this and it will make him/her think about it.
I'm sure they have passionate devs but even the best devs need to be called out on mistake.
and as I said, I got wronged with FGW, so I writing this to prevent someone that would maybe think like me to make the same mistake.
but good they did put the disclaimer that 99% of early access devs put. wow not taking responsability to finish the product is so praisable.

devs who are proud of their game, add them in "suggested list" and make a franchise. the devs at KK studio are probably not that proud about FGW and they try to move on.
instead of fixing it. so I will just not agree with that.
but anyway I lost enough time in this. people who see this thread will make their research I said enough to interest people making their own research. its their choice to take now.

have a nice day.
Oct 11 @ 12:46pm
In topic don't know about this
Originally posted by AROCK!!!:

Complaining about a game before it's even released......welcome to the STEAM forums.

not checking if that studio made another game... typical.
you didn't even read what I wrote.
and btw, I didn't complain about the game, I complained about the development, I complained about their earlier product called freeman guerilla warfare they just released some month ago, completely unpolished. I can't even call it finished. all the cut features which were working completely well are suddenly coming back with those version.

if you check my history, you will see from the 300 games I have, I almost never complain about a game.

but here there is clearly what to complain about. but I wrote it all my comment earlier.

(edit I didn't even saw you are part of KK studio group...) what about you explain to me, how the position of AI in the game are exactly the same, the animation, the guns.

what did happen to guerilla warfare you really think freeman guerilla warfare is in a finished state? why couldn't they add the cover animation, and all the nice thing they adding to those new games to freeman guerilla warfare?

what I am asking is to be honest, if they would've tell us they had some financing problem I would've continued to support. but this new games, is a slap in my face, that how I perceive it personally.

but anyway I just shared my opinion, I really had my hope for freeman guerilla warfare. hopefully you succeed and this version gonna be better than FGW. I hope for them.

I'll just not be from the backers this time.
Oct 11 @ 12:27pm
In topic don't know about this
to be honest, this is seriously scary,

I bought freeman guerilla warfare, and always thought to myself the game is overrated.
I wasn't expecting them to release it in the state it is now, I thought it would be a long development but would be a gem at the end.

when they removed vehicle, even tho pretty much no one complained about them, I thought to myself, this is going in the wrong way, but I respect their decision...

then they released the game, with almost no change, the AI look pretty much like when it was released but with a little change.

from what it looked like, the devs were probably going broke, and they didn't got enough founding to really continue the game, so I thought to myself why not just release a dlc to make a bit of money and be able to continue the work and get it better? maybe with some explanation to the community who supported it definetely thinking on the future, and not about the current state...(like almost all review talk how they like the idea and think the game promising, way more than praise about the current state.)

but look like the devs didn't get that...
and now they releasing this, I see almost NO difference but maybe a bit more environment props, seem little more like stalker. I see that they didn't even made new weapons and just took back the one from freeman guerrilla warfare...

and the AI, just check the screenshot, the ai have no difference, they have the same horrendous position as in freeman guerrilla warfare, nothing changed. they use the same animation. if I could post screenshot comparing I would do it... but I let you check by yourself.
the cover animation is something that should've been added to freeman it is definetely the same engine.

I will tell exactly what I think on this case, this is a shame.
really a serious shame, it was a bad decision they made, and seeing the comment I wish they don't release the game cause they gonna get review bombed.

you (devs) didn't got to the expected state of the game, how can you release a "new game" which is more like an paid update of guerilla warfare and think this is okay and people gonna accept and buy/promote your game?

well I guess some people need to hit the wall to learn, some expect it before doing the mistake, some just need to hit the wall to learn... I just hope you won't hit the wall too fast.

and again, I would be okay if it was a paid update, but presented as such. anyway I just hope you really made progress and what you show in the screenshot a representation of the gameplay. I don't believe so (allow me to be skeptical on this) anyway see you on release. won't back this for my part.
Oct 10 @ 10:38am
In topic the game is better than what it looks
like seriously the game is really better than what it look like. when they first released the trailer some time ago, it looked bad xD, but now it was what is shown I also played outreach back then it was pretty nice, those why I still wanted to give it a chance... and well the game is really nice. funnier with friend tho
Oct 10 @ 9:48am
In topic gun recoil
the game look really nice and all...
but man that recoils for the pm makarov is a big nono for me.

I don't speak realistic, (even I used a bunch of guns, I never used a pm makarov but used a jericho which is a bigger caliber, I can tell you this is nowhere close to logical)

a pm makarov don't have a recoil of a 50 cal. even the fn mag I used have no something CLOSE to this recoil.

but again is not even about realistic, its just looking bad, to see a recoil on pistol this way, and I hope the character have no military experience cause if it has, it would be a literal joke.

anyway just interested in the game, and wanted to voice my concern, hopefully you think about it before releasing the game. its not that hard to edit.
Sep 28 @ 2:11pm
In topic I want a refund.
Originally posted by Ice Bear:
refund and attorney file charges? LMAO so you'll get account banned permanently and likely blacklisted (ip,etc) and what you'll achieve on filling charges is paying big sum to your attorney and to pay the other side legal fees and be lucky that they don't counter you and bury you on debt on legal fees and compensation.

its an EA big title, there will be great smooth times and times its broken untl a new update, there is risks and by investing on this stage (early acccess development) you accepted that. So Good luck and best advice is to not do anything stupid that you'll regret.....

and btw i want a refund from blizzard my .EXE runned for 3244 wasn't me playing WoW !!!! xD
pretty much that,

try to fix the game, you won't get a refund, you agreed to users agreement, you might probably not read it, but I suggest you to check EULA of bannerlord.

now next time you have an issue don't go straight into big words, and actually ask for help to fix the issue, refund is not an issue you gonna solve by commenting here, and from experience you won't solve at all. steam won't refund you, the "my exe was running in the background" is not a valid reason... (because they cannot prove it, and the time it take to actually prove this, cause you could just mess a file up of the game making it crash to get refund... those in the EULA of steam, this is not an available reason, but you can still ask maybe a support will be really nice and try help you.. (valve have better support than epic store, but that doesn't mean they accept anything not answer)....

now you can try to give info to help you... that all you can do here really... or cry that also an option that won't get you anywhere... but it is an option.
Originally posted by Cookiesnm1lk:
and yet.... my launcher is still broken. i STILL cannot play the damn game.
Sep 23 @ 11:43pm
In topic Misery 2.2, with TAZ or gunslinger?
I like both, but I prefer gunslinger.
Sep 22 @ 5:09am
In topic Best Mods for this game
Originally posted by Rock_4:
Try Dead Air, Misery, SGM 2.2, Anomaly

no but seriously try SGM 2.2 + gunslinger for the ultimate experience.
or anomaly

if you interested buy the combo smg 2.2 + gunslinger...

here original russian post for the merge:

here the direct link for the merge google drive (version 1.11 no need for the patch):

here the translation for SGM 2.2 which of course works with this pack...:

btw its a standalone no need to install gunslinger on top and DON'T install it in the call of pripyat main game folder...

its the same for anomaly and dead air which are also standalone.

misery and SGM 2.2 are mod to be installed in the game folder. but my link (I just sent you the gunslinger + SGM 2.2 its STANDALONE.

good game mate.
Sep 22 @ 3:38am
In topic Misery 2.2, with TAZ or gunslinger?
that a bit old but yes I did, and without any question I prefer taz.
taz have really great model, but its not the same.

taz is more about quantity, (even tho the models ARE good.) its still have somewhat of a vanilla filing for guns.

gunslinger is about quality (in my pov).
insane gun customization which have visual effect (its not nothing! you need to create a model with each of the customization, so working on gunslinger gun is way harder...)

it have:
-select fire animation for each gun
-missfire animation (and you can see the hammer hit the pin in the missfire which is insane details)
-weapons jaming animation
-3D scope with zoom change
-animation for grenade launcher, laser, torch.
-using bayonet.

for some this might not be a real deal, but for me who use/used guns, this is the best mod out there.
the level of details is insane.
also without talking about the drinks, medication animation....

I prefer it by tens thousand.
they looked into it, but no longer work on it from what we know.... they might give some surprise...

and for the guys who said "how coop can be a thing?"
by making the joining player a "sergeant" in the player army... the host would just do everything and the joining player would just take part in the combat... it doesn't sound really fun? well that the reason they thought it was not very good to do it... if there was a main story it would make the game probably funnier for coop... but not as a sandbox...

they are working on the main story maybe at the end of it they will change their mind... but right now their priority is releasing the game, if it ever happen (coop) its probably within the next 2 years.
Sep 13 @ 6:27am
In topic Why TaleWorlds so incompetent?
remind me of the warband EA bois, the devs have some experience atleast, they would've listened to people like you they would've released bannerlord in 2016, with a quarter of a game and all of you would've spit on them for that...

so good devs don't listen to you... hope they won't ever.
Sep 13 @ 6:25am
In topic Why TaleWorlds so incompetent?
Originally posted by Telu:
I think it's time to lock this thread then.
and hopefully they ban the author and the guy who said "third world country what you expect."

yeah in mean time you cry all day about the game because you badly wanna play it.
some people are just so hateful what about you eat your assassin's creed valhallah, your watchdog legion...and what not. those are AAA game right? 100 time better right? not from "third world" right???
Sep 13 @ 6:12am
In topic Mod to stop endless war?
hahaha the 1 denar is a bug, its pretty much like when you could ask everything to lord without paying a damn at some point, don't remember which version but when you were asking for "castle" they would agree no matter what you asked next...(no longer now...)

also as said before 1.5.1 solve it pretty much (about declaring war all the time) but not sure it is for player kindgom...

check "diplomacy fixes" on bannerlord nexus...

also check "war attrition" not sure it is updated to last version, but war attrition was all I needed back in the day...
Sep 13 @ 5:54am
In topic Why TaleWorlds so incompetent?
didn't read.

just here to say stop boring us, we don't care about the bullsiiit you spill.
hopefully they charge another 50 dollar for this masterpiece and you have to wait another 2 decades


(and yeah I am a fanatical of this game, how can't I with such a masterpiece)
waiting for more of your sweat tears.
Sep 9 @ 5:54am
In topic Game is bad
and LONGTIME, cry, I like to see those sweat tears.
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