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Aug 14 @ 2:22pm
In topic Gamepad VR
Unless I'm missing something, I cannot find a way to use anything other than my vive controllers in vr. Gamepad still works fine on flatscreen
Aug 14 @ 1:12pm
In topic Controller Config in VR
Am I going blind or is there no official config for a gamepad in VR? I cannot seem to find a way to play with a controller as I did on a monitor.
Jun 25 @ 1:06am
In topic Need Help with new pc
Originally posted by colorblind:
Ok so, gaming pc aren't compatible with 4K TV first of all.
+ Your PC spec is too low for 4K, 4K monitors demands a huge spec like 2080ti and i7, i9
so imagine with a TV that is 3x 4x 5x bigger than a monitor....
You should try to buy a 144z 1080p monitor, you'll love the fluidity
Why on earth would you think a pc is not compatible with a TV? You can use just about any display you like with a PC and the size of the display makes no difference to the amount of pixels the GPU has to push.

I've never play bayonetta but maybe that game always renders to your desktop resolution so when you select 1080p in game, it is rendering 1080, up scaling to 4k and then back down to 1080. That's a complete guess though and could be wrong.
Upgrade the FSD and you could also take a trip out to a guardian site to unlock an fsd booster.
Originally posted by Dolphin Bottlenose:
Umm... What kind of the problem did we miss? :)
It was a fella protesting mods by using mods to block the entrance. He was interviewed -
May 24 @ 1:25pm
In topic Power play merits
You get assigned your rank at the end of the powerplay week.
If you do it in co-op then you only have to kill then sentries once. You can activate the beacons and scan it a second time before you log. I'd be up for a run guardian run.
Originally posted by DMSL:
Update not so great FPS is all over the place.
A wonder if the windows store version is done by a different team because it looks better and runs a lot better than the steam version does on my system.
Feb 23 @ 5:15am
In topic is ultrawide worth it ?
I have two setups, one with triple monitors and one with a 21:9 monitor. I much prefer gaming on the 21:9 setup.

I have problems with very few games and for some that I do, there are some great resources out there to fix said issues. Worst case, you play with black borders because a 21:9 ratio monitor can still display a 16:9 image.
Feb 13 @ 2:33pm
In topic Need some friends
Feel free to add me. I'm always up for some heists and making money.
I would say no. Headphones are like underwear, never buy used!
It doesn't matter what a mod does, R* do not like it.
I've already done the challenge but I'm happy to play through the heists just for fun so feel free to add me.
Feb 11 @ 3:49pm
In topic Authentic Issue
Having the same issue here. I've submitted a support ticket, not that I expect it to help at all as this is clearly an issue with the Uplay app and nothing on our end. Hopefully something will be resolved soon.
Dec 3, 2018 @ 3:14am
In topic Issue
Can you elborate? Where are these lights and how is the cpu fan both working and not working?
Nov 13, 2018 @ 1:33am
In topic Vive or Oculus?
I have both and tbh, the oculus has been gathering dust since I got the vive. The room tracking is much better and I don't need usb cables running around the room is also doesn't have the random intermittent issues the oculus does with room scale. You set the vive up and it just works from then on.
Oct 19, 2018 @ 6:44am
In topic Xbox one controller issue
Likely a faulty pot or corrosion on the pcb. Do your hands sweat alot when playing?
Oct 12, 2018 @ 12:17am
In topic Pc crashes only when gaming with ethernet cable
Do you have a motherboard with killer lan by any chance? I had issues with their software when I first installed my motherboard. After a bit of digger on their webstie, I found a driver only install which solved all my issues.
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