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Posted: Sep 7, 2022 @ 7:47am

XPock is yet another asset flip/construction kit template copy+paste from serial Russian shovelware asset flippers, Dnovel/FreeAnimals_Software/My Way Games (watch him shuffle different Steam accounts to mislead gamers!). This guy does nothing but copy asset store assets and game tutorials, fill out a few things/stamp out basic levels using the construction kit templates, and dump them on Steam and into DailyIndieGame bundles as cash grabs.

Today's "effort" from the asset flip scammer, Dnovel is XPock, and it's a garbage 2D retro shooter slapped together with the godawful Cocos2D game development engine. As a game, it's terrible, of course. This is below acceptable standards, and has no real merit or value as a genuine, sincerely made PC game.

Using game construction kits doesn't need any talent or professional game development effort, and results in shallow, low quality shovelware like XPock. The status of this thing as nothing but an asset/template flip/cash grab is cemented by the "developers" prior history of asset flip/construction kit copy+paste jobs, the fake/compromised Steam accounts they used to write fake reviews (all with the same broken English), the laughable $12 USD price tag for this garbage, and they way they dumped it into DailyIndieGame bundles immediately at launch. There's no serious value, substance or merit here worthy of consideration from PC gamers. I can't recommend it to anyone.

Warning: Review Manipulation![mmofallout.com]

This game features a number of fake positive reviews from accounts known to be in the business of review manipulation/paid reviews. They're all written in either Russian or broken English, appear almost immediately after the game launched on Steam, all have a direct Steam purchase of the game, and the accounts are used consistently to write fake reviews for asset flips and other cash grabs/scams. The "Positive" review score on this game should be disregarded due to this review manipulation.
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