Mom's Spaghetti
rip csgo.

I am also mainly known under the names:
- Mom's Spaghetti
- I Gotsta Get Paid
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About myself...
My name is DEADspy and I'm a hobby programmer and reverse engineer. I'm active in malware programming and game hacking. That does not necessarily mean that I program malware or cheats.If you want check out what projects I have shared or will share, checkout my Github []!

*Not to mention, I do not trade my items.

If you want to add me, give me a signal by writing a comment about that, as I usually don't accept friend requests.
.mute ☁ Jul 9 @ 5:05pm 
Was cool to play against u
du meme Jun 30 @ 9:33am 
nimm mal pls freundschaftsanfrage an
Mom's Spaghetti Jun 10 @ 12:39pm 
Ashley is cutie Jun 9 @ 4:17pm 
Schade das sich wege getrennt haben domenic, warst immer ein guter mate, lg Nico :Heartyou:
Add Me If You Are Back To Surf, Freund.
SkyY Apr 29 @ 9:44am