West Yorkshire, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Thank you ever so much, Steam!

(No one likes the French!)

Sadly, the once fabled and great game. Is dead to me. GG Garry's mod.

Screw you Providence Gaming, bad community full of cocky people! Glad I am gone!

Imperium And Definitive... Worst ever servers that lied to the playerbase and the Owners abused to the point where they always won...

Wow, Typhon networks, a community and servers that is based on pay to win and abuse. Abusive staff that ignore peoples requests and favour those who donate. Not only that, but it's a neo nazi fascist fest where actual neo nazis like to be. Yeah that can go die in a fire.

Our flag doesn't fly from the wind moving it... It flies from the last Breath of every soldier who died defending it.

I support the Yorkshire Regiment, all the way with their valour, honour and pride!

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+rep French steal scallops so big no
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add me bic boi
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dont boi me bish
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