Perth, Perth and Kinross, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Commander of the 2nd Battalion, Co. E and F, 42nd Pennsylvania in War of Rights

If you see me using just Stone, the 42nd is still alive I just change names for some things.
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War of Rights

:Perseverance: 42nd Pennslyvania Volunteer Infantry Regiment - Captain

Regimental History: (chronological since 2013)

Napoleonic Wars

:Morale: 72nd Kelnian - Regimental Sergeant Major - Retired
:Morale: 35th (Royal Sussex) Regiment of Foot- Lieutenant Colonel - Became 13e
:Morale: 13e Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne - Cheif de Battalion - Disbanded
:Morale: 58e Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne - Soldat - Disbanded

:Morale: 46e Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne - Caporal - Disbanded
:Morale: 2nd (Queen's Royal) Regiment of Foot - Sergeant, Queen's Charlotte Rifles - Disbanded
:Morale: 4e Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne "The Impetuous" - Soldat - Left
:Morale: 5te Westfalisches Landwehr Infanterieregiment - Fusilier - Disbanded
:Morale: 21e Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne - Capitain - Disbanded

:Spirit: (Deluge) Horay Hounds - Souldier - Left
:Spirit: (Deluge) Prince Rupert's Blew Regiment of Foote - Captain - Disbanded
:Spirit: (North and South) 33rd Massachusetts Volunteers Infantry - Corporal - Disbanded
:Spirit: (North and South) 54th Massachusetts Volunteers Infantry - Colonel - Disbanded
:Spirit: (North and South) 72nd Pennsylvania Baxter Zouaves - Captain - Disbanded
:Spirit: (North and South) Eagle Brigade - Brigadier General - Retired


:Morale: 2.Panzer-Division - Rekrut - Left (Mod. issues)
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░░\████████████████ ......................... Designed by Henschel in 1937
░░l█████████████████]...................... Copy and Paste this all over the
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How is the land of kawaii desu :KneelingBow:
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You will now forever be known as Scotty, and let people understand that if they do not acknowledge this fact, I will come to their house and steal their breakfast.
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