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Posted: Oct 24, 2023 @ 9:12am
Updated: Oct 24, 2023 @ 11:18am
Product received for free

Sadly the game isn't ready for release, hold off for now - I'll be happy when the time comes to change this review!

The game performs horribly, and on the settings that allow it to scrape by with 20 fps it looks dramatically worse than Cities 1. There are also various bugs (especially around "not enough customers") that fill the game with annoying bubble alerts for no reason.
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JB_1981 Oct 29, 2023 @ 8:32pm 
I am SO glad I got this game on Gamepass and didn't spend $$$$ to play it, The game for me is bugged in the water/power/sewer utilities. I could have 2 BILLION in production and Outside connections for everything & the Spam Announcers will still say there's not enough of X,y or z. IF this game ever gets to a playable point, I MIGHT, buy it on here. We'll see in a year or two. At least Cheat Happens makes it nice to be able to play sandbox w/ achievements. The only thing that works is from a 3rd party. LOL. Modders will have a field day with this game when modding goes public. I just want my core mods I made in CS1, Unlimited utilities, happiness and other mods to make the old game a bit more playable.
a corgi Oct 25, 2023 @ 5:47pm 
look forward to torrenting it with the inevitable 100 dlcs
jedimindtrickonyou Oct 25, 2023 @ 5:22pm 
I love how a game can release unfinished, the developer even told us they didn't hit their performance targets. People can release extensive benchmarks showing how the game is extremely heavy. Yet still, we get these comments from the PC Bros- "Must be your Potato, bruh". No wonder these publishers keep doing this, because of you people, blaming all problems on the end user's hardware.
🔥Ember🔥 Oct 25, 2023 @ 5:15pm 
You weren't ready for full release, skill issue.
Morganth Oct 25, 2023 @ 4:54pm 
Must have a potato for a PC.
babby formed Oct 25, 2023 @ 4:51pm 
@juljasmah who said this is a triple eh game? It's not.
Bogan Oct 25, 2023 @ 4:42pm 
If you showed your specs in the review and let us know what settings you were trying to run it on then we might be able to see if your review justified
juljasmah Oct 25, 2023 @ 4:03pm 
like just wait until the games are ready to ship guys :steamfacepalm:
garokame Oct 25, 2023 @ 3:57pm 
ah yes, imagine people having a rtx 4090 and having issues, what do you have mate, the 6090?
itzAcosta Oct 25, 2023 @ 3:37pm 
When people give games negative reviews because THEIR PC can't handle is absolutely hilarious.