Currently Senior Admin on EU_Commander Battle
Currently a Herald in the Pomeranian Bond

If you see an oppertunity in life, then grab it with your bare hands.

In memoriam to Black Knight former HA of EUC. We all shall miss you my friend, may your soul rest in peace.

*Curriculum Vitea*

:Attacker: Bannerlord

:Eagle_hoi: Pomeranian Bond :Morale: Herald

:Attacker:Napoleonic Wars

:Eagle_hoi:100th Gordon Highlanders:Morale:Drill Sergeant (Leader James Mcken)

:Eagle_hoi:Nr.3 Pommersches:Morale:Line Company Sergeant (Leader Sir Steffen)

:Eagle_hoi:Nr.3 Pommersches:Morale:Arty Sergeant Major (Leader Sir Steffen)

:Eagle_hoi: Nr.3 Pommersches :Morale: Oberleutnant (Leader Sir Steffen)

:Eagle_hoi:Nr.3 Pommersches:Morale:Founder Of The Guard Of Honour (Leaders Mask & Tooby)

:Eagle_hoi: EU_Commander Battle :Morale: Admin

:Eagle_hoi: EU_Commander Battle :Morale: Admin of the Month

:Eagle_hoi: EU_Commander Battle :Morale: Veteran Admin

:Eagle_hoi: EU_Commander Battle :Morale: Senior Admin

:Eagle_hoi: Napoleonic Wars Public :Morale: Discord Admin

:Attacker:North and South

:Eagle_hoi:3rd United States:Morale:Private First Class (Leader FakeMessiah)

:Attacker:Anglo Zulu Reloaded

:Eagle_hoi:24th Foot:Morale:Rifleman (Leader Peter Falk)

:Attacker:Holdfast Nations at War

:Eagle_hoi:35th Foot:Morale:Private (Leader Malakith Skadi)
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