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Because not everyone uses a controller on PC, nor do they wish to use one, when the game came out for A COMPUTER people expect to be able to use a mouse and keyboard that go with, you guessed it! A COMPUTER.
Feb 26 @ 9:31pm
In topic Maintenance Is back
My bus demands hungers!
Feb 26 @ 7:37pm
In topic Would be nice to see character names.
As the title states.... really wish there was visible names. xD
Feb 17 @ 11:35am
In topic Summing up the 'Apology'
This always happens when another company takes over. Butcher the game, milk the whales for what they can and then say f-off to the rest of the gamer base. I have 4 accounts, spent money across all them because I love my company, loved this game a lot. Had so many friendly features and let new players actually participate and catch up at a good rate. Now they butchered the game, ruined a lot. To be honest, they removed some of my things without me agreeing and I'm seriously thinking about contacting my payment processor and back charging all that I've spent. Because they removed the things that I BOUGHT..... So they took my money essentially.
Feb 15 @ 12:47pm
In topic I did a test !!
Yep, they took everything that made this game, and ♥♥♥♥ all over it. This one one mobile game I had a lot of respect for, and even put money on, have multiple accounts, which I happily invested time and money in. Now? They ♥♥♥♥ all over us, and expect us to accept this kind of thing. If this continues, I'll be contacting my payment provider and request options to recover my losses.

I paid for some content, and then that content was suddenly removed on it. I did not pay for that, to have my content removed.
Feb 15 @ 12:41pm
In topic Summing up the 'Apology'
Originally posted by Fractured:
I'm mostly pissed that all the duplicates I turned into unit data was converted into a damn near useless crafting resource I had thousands of.

I'm not spending a single penny on this game until they replace my duplicates. I actually put money into them!

That's how I feel right now, it pisses me off, that they wiped away all my dupes, and they didn't even give me anything worth the salt of effort that was put into getting them.
Feb 15 @ 12:40pm
In topic Summing up the 'Apology'
Yeah, this is insufferable, to think that this nexon went bye bye and this was taken by BSIDE, they trashed it, they went "Lets see how much money we can milk, at the cost of totally pissing everyone off, just so a few whales will still feed into addiction, rather than getting money from everyone at a decent respectable rate. Lets time gate more things, and split items into tons of other currencies through side stories that isn't needed!"
Feb 15 @ 5:18am
In topic Even Time Attack cost Eternium now?
this is so unacceptable .
Originally posted by Demiurge:
Uh the he'll? What, you want to create an albino?

Sometimes we need Voldemort skin tones ya'know? To bring out the inner EEVVVVIIIIIIIIIIIIIIL of our privilege. :steambored:
Feb 13 @ 6:28am
In topic Finish Sun haven first?
I'd suggest you actually finish your first game, before you start working on a second game. Makes no sense to split resources between games, when the entire team can focus on the one game and finish it that much faster. Unless you have all the sound, etc, and other things done and the one part of the team can no longer contribute, then I can understand working on sound tracks, and other things for a second game. If that's not the case.. then... why?
Feb 10 @ 1:02pm
In topic "There's no new day one patch"
Originally posted by mr pottuh:
That's what they confirmed will be in the Day One patch, but the Day One patch has not dropped yet.

The 1GB update from today was not for what you listed, that's forsure.

Patching right now, what's in this patch?
Originally posted by EyeXombie:
The latest Nvidia drivers update made mine run smoother

What driver version?
Originally posted by Jaevwyn:
be sure to try the DLS fix too, helped me a ton

Did this, and it didn't do much sadly.
Originally posted by TehEndless:
Bro Dumbledore is literally gay, "all about me all about me" Your hostility towards the author of books makes no sense. The hate the game is getting makes me want to actually buy it when I had 0 thought or care about it before. Nothing against the LGBTQ people, do what you want, but certain members of your protected class are abusing that status, also, making your whole identity about sex makes 0 sense to me. The pronouns don't make sense either, communication is important and when you twist words to mean differently then the actual meaning you can and will have problems communicating with others. No one is going to take my advice, but I suggest you make your identity more about who you are rather then what you want out of life or what you think you are.

The pronoun thing is because of cost, it's easily understood. Rather than having the voice actors do two versions of every line in the game is expensive, saying he, and her over and over. When they can just do the line that would apply to anyone. Games have been doing this for years and years, both in text, and in voice. It's nothing new..... Are you young, or new to gaming or?
Love the game so far, but the stuttering even on my good rig is nuts. The game needs some serious optimization for the pc, we need drivers please and thank you.
Originally posted by AlwaysAngron:
Generic ubisoft openworld game. with generic colored looter/shooter equipment inside a setting where racial children are named something stupid like "ugadoo" by a middle aged wine mom from the lamest modern country in history.

You lot are soon going to be enjoying stale beans on soggy toast every morning because it will be "anti woke" or "triggering the libs". Meanwhile JK will write another book about how wizards ♥♥♥♥ themselves regularly because muggle plumbing is quaint.

You seem a little salty, too much sodium in your diet?
Feb 7 @ 6:49pm
In topic this game is woke
Originally posted by Holy Athena:
Originally posted by Stogiewise:
And aside from the fact they call you they/them? Like, so little lines include pronouns to refer to your character, why not record 3 versions: he,her,they. And allow us to choose the pronoun or something. Like it ruins immersion

Because that takes money... If you have to pay an actor thousands of dollars to do all the lines in a game, are you really going to pay them DOUBLE that just to make a he/she version?

It's cheaper for the team to use "They/Them", and games have been doing that waaay before the "woke" crap.

This team isn't AAA with millions of dollars to burn.

EXACTLY, games have been doing this since the good ol ATARI days, kids these days don't know that apparently, or the adults that do can't remember because their brains are fizzling out do to age.
Feb 7 @ 6:48pm
In topic this game is woke
Weird, haven't run into anything really 'woke'. Maybe you're too left-washed. Shame really, this world is supposed to be whimsical, light hearted, and fun. Not some grim fantasy, that's doom and gloom. Also in the books, there are schools from all over the world, with many, many magical cultures coming together... lmfao, how far did you even get?
Feb 7 @ 6:39pm
In topic I warned you, guys.
Haven't had any issues running the game, and I'm usinga an RTX 2060
Feb 7 @ 11:18am
In topic Unfairness for pc and Xbox users
Originally posted by Sidhe:
Totally unethical business practice. If more people complained about bad business practices in public realms or stopped buying the games, these companies might stop. But the only thing they care about is money and bad press. If you stream, record, or review the game, be sure to talk about how unethical it was for PC players to pay $70 for a game that does not include all content right from the start.

Sony paid for the additional content to be added into the game, and there for wanted a year's exclusive time. Also game prices are going up across the board.
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