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NICK HENDERSON   Hampton, Virginia, United States
I am the Crazynator, The one leader who've created the Blue Force Defense, a 9 time dominator, the two time Intercontinental Champion of TF2, the two time grouo player of the week and the 39 time killstreak by using the Tomislav. I've join the o.W.n. After the B.F.D. was disbandded due to the "Betrayal Incident. And also became the Grand Marshal of the oWn's rebirth army! If you jerkwads planning to make fun of my voice than you're starting to make me mad, because if you do......I'LL TAKE SOMETHING THAT IS VERY IMPORTANT FROM YOU!

Also, you people better have good reasons why you send me invites to my friend's list. If you're being annoying like a little brat, keep spamming trade requests, interrupting me while playing video games, currently on trade probation, or acting like a prick whose being disrespectful for no reason. I'll remove you from my friend's list and blocked you for good.

By the Way, you can also follow me on Tumblr.

Also, i'm a gmod artist who can make Gmod comics.
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September, 8, 2019. Just a boring situation in TF2, trying to get enough killing for fun in casual and community servers. Difficult to play as a heavy really because there's so many distractions on the battlefield. Maybe i should practice offline and hopefully i can get back on my feet.
September, 4, 2019. Raided a trade server again hoping to torture the friendlies for fun but still no sign of a tryhard riot. Boring low lifes...... Don't those friendlies have anything else to do then taunting around and dancing around? They may have outlasted me as the only Tryhard Rebel from the 2010 can still fight against those boring friendlies because TF2 would still be dead because of those boring friendlies. They won't even listen to me and yet hear me complaining this and complaining that! Well guess what ya boring lazy A-hole? There alot of people who are TRYING to have fun by killing each other on a trade server because Death match servers are hard to come by in TF2.... Not those crappy trade servers, i mean a REAL Death Match server with the good DM maps such as Mariokart, Cyberpunk, and all that! Guess.... Sucks to be in 2019. Nothing else new in TF2 really.
Back to the friendlies part, so when everytime i crashed the friendlies' party in this year, the friendlies don't even bother of joining the riot and just spawn camp me alot. Very boring, what happen to the good times of starting a riot against friendlies? If i remember it correctly, they would rather just be far away from the spawn and camp the area where they're trying to chill. So my opinion on maps where they prefer to chill is mostly trade maps. Museum was a crappy map and a good place for spawn camping which i find it extremely boring.
September, 1, 2019. I felt like my personality is getting old because i ain't the way i used to be in TF2 anymore. A once Butt kicker who defiles the Friendlies' boringness across the community servers in TF2 for several years sense 2010. When everytime i see a group of friendlies who wasted their time taunting around and dancing, i crashed in and slaughter every friendly i can find and then start a riot against the Friendlies. But those old times are kinda.... Gone i'm afraid. Nothing but cranky friendlies who just wanna chill and waste their @$$ all day taunting around and dancing around. Friendlies suck at creativity because they're too lazy and don't have any better things to do other then wasting their time taunting around and dancing around..... At least i bought this game called Far Cry 5, just some weird cult who took over a state believing the nuclear apocalypse is coming. What a would of nonsense, all i see is politics going out of control.
Augest, 26, 2019. I'm in a struggle of trying to have fun, at least i had little of fun, but there are those who don't approve my methods on what i do for fun. An overpowered outcast you might call it, starting with the server in Gmod.... They just look at me that not only my voice is annoying but how i played just ♥♥♥♥♥♥ them off. There's no point talking over them because i'm terrible with speeches, Well they can screw themselves to find out how boring their actions might be..... Such as the Rage Friendlies who spawn camp tryhards on sight, people in Navy play from Gmod who hated me for "Armor Whoring". Can i at least have some fun fairly? No, they'll never will.... There's no such thing as a fair fight on the gaming battlefield because everyone cheats.
I always hated the friendlies sense 2010, they're nothing more but a boring low life bunch who always waste their time taunting around and dancing around. "TF2 is supposed to be silly" they say, oh give me a break, Tf2 is an online shooting game where we're supposed to be fighting over things for fun. But now the friendlies have killed it, it wasn't the TF team who killed it with screwed up updates, it wasn't the hackers with their crappy aimbotting abilities, and not even the toxicated morons with their perversion and racial jokes. It was the friendlies who killed Team Fortress 2 and their boring ideals. Hats, taunts, the crappy unusuals, it was all the friendlies' fault who killed Team Fortress 2. Nobody will understand this except me because the friendlies are nothing more but a cancer to the game and i hope the friendlies deserved to have their lives ruined by a big mob full of tryhards who will have their revenge on them for ruining the game.