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NICK HENDERSON   Hampton, Virginia, United States
I am the Crazynator, The one leader who've created the Blue Force Defense, a 9 time dominator, the two time Intercontinental Champion of TF2, the two time grouo player of the week and the 39 time killstreak by using the Tomislav. I've join the o.W.n. After the B.F.D. was disbandded due to the "Betrayal Incident. And also became the Grand Marshal of the oWn's rebirth army! If you jerkwads planning to make fun of my voice than you're starting to make me mad, because if you do......I'LL TAKE SOMETHING THAT IS VERY IMPORTANT FROM YOU!

Also, you people better have good reasons why you send me invites to my friend's list. If you're being annoying like a little brat, keep spamming trade requests, interrupting me while playing video games, currently on trade probation, or acting like a prick whose being disrespectful for no reason. I'll remove you from my friend's list and blocked you for good.

By the Way, you can also follow me on Tumblr.

Also, i'm a gmod artist who can make Gmod comics.
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September, 14, 2020. Just finally finished the Freak Prison comic within 52 pages. So at least i can do is start working on my very own o.W.n. series like the mafia tv show called the Sopranos. So i've been thinking, i think i'll need volunteered characters from the oWn rebirth for the series. I'm pretty sure they would be glad to become part of it while i'm working on the story plot about the rise of the new oWn Silver Hounds.
August, 11, 2020. For the first time in several years, Icedog who i haven't seen him for a long time has finally reveal himself.... one thing i'm very dissappointed is that Icedog is no longer a main spy ever sense my "Turn around thing" as a heavy against spies. He was never the same ever again, still its good to see him though. at least i've been working on the comic of mine about the freak prison. Working on the part about the battle between the walking deadman and Blitzkrieg. I also created a few character backgrounds about Talon Company, Guerrilla Company's rival and enemy.
I mean i am a fan of watching gmod and sfm videos on youtube because its... in fan made arts and videos, there's just not enough entertainment i believe. Well, Ghostoftime1 can try to criticize my work but can he try to criticize the imaginations i kept following? Properly not, i like the way i do things on steam because after over a decade i succeed what i've become but what's more important that i must achieve is becoming a comic book artist! My discovery on use of Paint 3D have led me to my dream of being a comic book artist and i must follow it with my imagination!
July, 17, 2020. For the first in DeviantArt, i have both an arguement and and conversation with Ghostoftime1 "Aka Ralph Skipper" from gmod splatoon while i was doing the remake about me meeting splatoon. Ghostoftime1 was just trying make corrections while i was posting gmod comics in deviantart about his character Ralph Skipper. Though i don't blame him, i just make gmod comics to entertain my viewers and i'm not so sure if i'm really doing this for fame but i'm already famous because of what i do in TF2, doing things for the oWn, and making gmod comics.
but i have to wonder..... The oWn rebirth is being slow trying to work on their show, only 3 episodes , but never even published one page of their comic while i was working on gmod comic on my own! It takes alot of time to make youtube videos such as Gmod animation and SFM ..... But not on gmod comics.... mostly ..... okay i had to admit, it takes time to find the resources to make them such as ideas, finding maps to fit for the comic, and story plots. Still, i gotta make the story about the new "our World now" faction that could even revile the other oWn groups. I don't know if they ever make their own youtube shows or comics.... But i gotta achieve this for what they could not! A very oWn comic series mostly about the oWn but in different colors! Like... The Thalmor from Elder Scrolls who crippled the fate of the Cyrodiil Empire.
June, 29, 2020. Just spent almost $190 on games from the Steam summer sale and spent the rest of it on cards to crafted into badges to level up my account. Heck, i spent over half of my points for my profile's picture frame and the background because my favorite color is mostly dark blueish. At least i got what i wanted it and achieved it in my life on steam, going on a shopping spree on a steam summer sale..... Still, no serious update ever happen at TF2 though.... No matter, gotta keep working on my gmod comics and keep making them to make me famous .... still being famous in the good way is not very easy so i gotta keep doing what i need to do....