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NICK HENDERSON   Hampton, Virginia, United States
I am the Crazynator, The one leader who've created the Blue Force Defense, a 9 time dominator, the two time Intercontinental Champion of TF2, the two time grouo player of the week and the 40 time killstreak by using the Tomislav. I've join the o.W.n. After the B.F.D. was disbandded due to the "Betrayal Incident. And also became the Grand Marshal of the oWn's rebirth army! If you jerkwads planning to make fun of my voice than you're starting to make me mad, because if you do......I'LL TAKE SOMETHING THAT IS VERY IMPORTANT FROM YOU!

Also, you people better have good reasons why you send me invites to my friend's list. If you're being annoying like a little brat, keep spamming trade requests, interrupting me while playing video games, currently on trade probation, or acting like a prick whose being disrespectful for no reason. I'll remove you from my friend's list and blocked you for good.

By the Way, you can also follow me on Tumblr.

Also, i'm a gmod artist who can make Gmod comics.
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October, 6, 2021. For the first time in my life i just tried out some D&D stuff..... Actually it was on discord server in a TF2 theme version of it really. At least i got those D&D dices just incase if i ever find a chance to play D&D in a board game or something but at least i get to do something to kill off my boredom. A friend of mine ZeUnquie also got into this as well along with those two guys name ZeUbermedic, and David the Coffee Craver the guy who i paid him to make a map for my future comic project. So anyways, at least i can play a little imaginations for fun at least.
August, 30, 2021. Forgive me for involving politics but i felt abit of angry when President Biden decided to pull the troops out of Afghanistan too early before september and worse leave the Afghanistan Government unprepared for the Taliban's major offensive to take back the whole country! I tried to keep my mind off of that total disaster but the news on the internet keep bringing them up! Dang Biden for repeating the same mistake as the Vietnam War!
Maybe i should stick with the freelance without a need for branches. For now i've got a gmod comic to work on about the Wolfeimblut. And i should be thankful to God that he answered my prayer of helping me focus on my gmod comics. A little weird for asking God to help me such petty things but as a little bit of a christian, i rather stay on his good side and avoid such stupid things going on from the outside world.
July, 7, 2021. After a few days without internet, especially during the 4th of july. I came back and later found that i'm no longer part of the oWn rebirth's imperial guard and they remove my rank as well.... Well removing me from the imperial guard i can understand because of my focus on making gmod comics but removing my rank? How can i have an complete authority without a rank!? Also the Emperor and Empress were considering about putting me to the bureau but i think that is a boring idea because i am both an gmod comic artist and a gamer that is interested in violence such as murdering friendlies and spycrabs!
April, 3, 2021. Last night, after having a conversation with the Emperor and Empress of the oWn rebirth. I just found out that Jroukris the merciless or whatever that heavy's name is has been an anti-oWn behind my back the whole time especially when he came to me to make a treaty with the oWn rebirth that started the Confusion Incident that short ended Lamorak's reign as Emperor! As of today, i decided to cut all ties from that heavy! Though i respected him as a heavy revolutionist for the heavy movement at TF2 but being an anti-oWn behind my back!? I felt betrayed by some delusional clan war gangster!
January, 5, 2021. Been busy working on gmod comics, so while i was posting them at deviantart and discord. The oWn rebirth's administration has been trying to tell me to keep the sexual themes to 0. Which i think that ain't gonna happen. I can keep it less but keeping down to 0? I can't just let their rules interfer with my work, the oWn rebirth's chance of entertainment while Diffu has been busy making SFM videos. The heck with that! I'll just keep less, not drive it down to 0. I can at least make it so the viewers will know that sexual themes is BAD! Man, something tells me that i'm about to have a conflict with the administrators if this about sexual themes again.....