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Posted: Jan 23 @ 9:18am
Updated: Jan 23 @ 10:40am

I really wanted to like this game.

And despite the game being pretty awful in the beginning I still tried to give it a fair shot. I took a break. Took a deep breath....and then came back to it with a clear head.

But I don't like this game.


Don't come into this expecting it to be a tactical game or a strategy game like you'd expect. (Yes it does have some inkling of strategy and tactics) But the whole point of this game is stealth. You are severely punished for trying to fight your way through as you are always at a massive disadvantage and are punished for even attempting to actually fight.

There's no unit upgrades, no base upgrades. No customization. There's no choices or decisions of any kind. There's no role-play here at all.

There's no gear. There's no iconic characters or worlds.

There's not even any stargates in this stargate game.

It was a waste of an IP. Imagine if they had made this game like X-Com or Aliens: Dark Descent. Now THAT would have been fricken epic.

Even if it had just been controlling a squad of 4 or 5 units and fighting around each map would have been better then this. I mean there's not even a cover mechanic.

The game has good graphics and great sound but that's pretty much it. Oh and the game isnt' finished yet. I know it doesn't say early access but only part 1 of season 1 is available right now. Wanna play the full game? Then wait till later on this year when part 2 is released.

This game isn't worth 30 dollars. And despite being a big stargate fan I would still pass and encourage other people to pass as well. IMO it's just not worth our money or time.

If you'd like a more in-depth look with gameplay please check out the video on my YouTube channel (link below).


Otherwise thanks so much for reading and I hope I managed to help some of you out there spend your money wisely.
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