snoot   Japan
*average catgirl on catnip*

-my discord: mystigrii
[actually i'm a kitsune not a catgirl but shush!]
Boggart 6月9日 3時14分 
Too good at shooting and bullying people in CS , help :c
Mist 4月24日 7時23分 
ah yes you proceed to removes your message when you realize you ♥♥♥♥ up
you are truly brainless hm?
Mist 4月24日 7時18分 
It wasn't a HvH server but a casual match, in addition i never said anything about spinbots, i didnt even said a thing about you i just vote kicked you because the other cheater in the enemy team called you out with the cheater tag and you said "ah yes Rijin" , you are pathetic lmao, also it's even more pathetic that you miserably failed to fake my messages because tf2 chat is represented like this "Mist : whoops sorry ;c"
timimpreza 2月11日 11時56分 
was literally hacking on tf2 community server. not cool
Anotic 1月29日 11時06分 
+rep that's they did put those faces in chat on hightower
Blubbles 1月17日 17時31分 
+rep what the guy below said