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Season 2012 :

1st 4PL #1 ( Online, European) Team VeryGames
2nd Epsilan (Lyon, France) eXtensive.mix
2nd PXL 36 (Arles, France) JAS
3rd-4th ESWC.fr (Paris, International) eXtensive!
1st MIG (Montpellier, France) eXtensive!
5-8th ESH (Prague, International) eXtensve!

Season 2013 :

3rd Epsilan (Lyon, France) Team LDLC
4th EMS (internet, International) Team LDLC
3rd CyberGamerInvite with Team LDLC
5-8th ESH ( Vienne, International ) Team LDLC
1st Cybériade ( Epinal, France) mix2potes
1st GA ( Poitiers, France ) Team LDLC
1st PXL37 ( Brignoles, France ) JaS
8th LanEx 16 ( Meaubeuge, France ) mix2potes
1st Cap Arena #2 (Capelle la Grande, France ) SuperstarS
1st fnatic fragout #2 ( Internet, internationnal) Team LDLC
3rd-4th Dreamhack Summer (Jonkoping, Sweden) Team LDLC
5-8th EMS Raidcall Summer ( Cologne, Germany) Team LDLC
1st Prague Challenge District ( Prague, Czech) NOSTALGIE

1st Opale Arena #5 ( Oye plage, France) SuperstarS
2nd Masters jeux vidéo 2013 ( Paris, France) Clan Mystik
1st Epsilan #11 ( Lyon, France) Clan Mystik
1st Lanex 17 ( France ) Clan Mystik
2nd ESWC.FR ( Paris, France ) Clan Mystik
1st ESWC WORLD ( Paris, France ) Clan Mystik
9-16th Dreamhack Winter ( Jonkoping, Sweden) Clan Mystik
2nd Fragbite Masters ( Online, Europe) Clan Mystik
2nd EPS FRANCE ( Online, France) Clan Mystik
2nd ESEC ( Berlgrade, Serbie) Team France

Season 2014 :

3rd BuykeyLan #3 ( France ) SuperstarS
5-8th IEM Katowice ( Katowice, Poland) Team-LDLC
top 1 Titan arena ( Sochaux, France) Gosu Frag
4th Fragbite Masters ( Online, Europe) Team-LDLC
1st Fnatic FragOut #3 ( Online, Europe) Team-LDLC
3rd/4th Copenaghen games 2014 ( Copenaghen, Danemark ) Team LDLC
1st LanEX #18 ( Assevent, France ) Source Excellence
1st Cap Arena #3 ( Capelle la Grande, France ) Source Excellence
1st Lyon Esport (Lyon, France) Team LDLC
1st Dh Valence (Valence, Espagne) Team-LDLC
3-4th Assembly Summer (Helsinski, Finland) NOSTALGIE
3-4th EMS Cologne (Cologne, Germany) Team-LDLC
1st Dh Stockholm (Stockholm, Sweden) Titan
3rd Starladder X (Kiev, Ukraine) Titan
1st ESWC.FR ( Paris, France) Titan
5-8th ESWC (Paris, France) Titan
5-6th ESEA (Dallas, Etats-Unis) Titan
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apEX[D], Autograph my Knife or sell me a CS:GO Skin Autograph I pay big. You are an inspiration, Titan Salutes You :csgogun:
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pourquoi ma tu suprimer :( c'Est moi dans le minigames fr le qc
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I hope you don't go on a VACation aswell D:
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Apex <3
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