Sopath Chhim   Chicago, Illinois, United States
Don't care wah chu say, I legit Folife, Call me a hacker, I take that as a compliment, your just jealous of mah skills, so don't hate the pro just hate yourself, call me a nerd go head like I care, I'm just here to wreck some scrubs(You) now back off before I dome your head

Asian Pride!


Be Mah slaves now! Teehee!

Mah Poem @ Bottom Hope you like.

To See This Jacks Of My Hacks,
In My Pants Full Of Lants!
Toxicated With Phosphates, That Hates,
Blues Are Clues,
Brain Down The Drain,
See Nuthing But Light, That Is So Bright!
CssShitties are so Bade!, Redneckless are so Jade!
Watch me SHANK you with my BLADES!, and Watch Me Fade Away With Mah Ninja SHADES!
We Need Randis, Just Like ThoRiZoRaNdI,
His Skills Are Pro, So Pro It Flash Out Like A Show!

The Luna Rap ( Mmo )

We're from Luna and we're here to say
We're here to party and we're here to play
We party all night and we play all day
We love this game and we're here to stay

Go out fighting monsters with your lance
And level up your character to advance
Come to Alker Harbor and join us in a dance
Or meet other players and find romance

We got priests in game that can save ur life
We got fighters to defend you with a knife
You can go Dungeon Dating and find a wife
We're better than Corum and we're better than Flyff!

Players come from far and near
To role play online and persevere
Saphars, Colbeagle and Swish are here
So you better behave and you better fear!

So, come join us on gpotato.com
And put this song in ur CD-ROM
Tell your dad and tell your mom
To come back later when they got the noms!


By > shastacooties

Luv To Watch Animes ^,^
║╔╗║╔╗║║║║║╩╣Lover! <---- Yup Thats ThoR
I sent chu my love with a dozen of roses
Eskimo kiss will be touchin' noses
If you hit the right spot you curl your toes'
Your my baby, everybody knows it
Honey roses I go so nuts,
Everytime we close up I be touchin' your butt
It feels like my heart is doing donuts'
They say we were too young and I was like so wut'
Made my chest pump no CPR
I play it all back no DVR
So Rock'N'Roll with a new Guitar
See how we roll like a sushi Bar
I think about my life before I think about you
and it don't look right like I did a goose
And I tell theses chicks I throw the peace sign
So please take my hand and say you'll be mine
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Nice dc lol
JitterModzzz Mar 11, 2015 @ 5:21pm 
hi zorandi
Garden Gnome Sep 11, 2014 @ 7:07am 
ZoRanDi is a skilled player and a good friend <3
deskii Jun 19, 2014 @ 3:59pm 
I've never felt so safe in rust when i have this guy and vivix with meh <3
+REP nicest guy i luv u
Kwitch Dec 11, 2012 @ 3:15pm 
enjoy Don't Starve bro
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