vincent   Paris, Ile-de-France, France$

Former teams

zback! : KRL mK k1s luNx Happy
GlobalTeam : Ex6TenZ Sharigan Ghosty Shokkk Happy
EPSILON : Ex6TenZ RpK Shokkk crZ Happy
CrackClan : Ex6TenZ Shokkk crZ Tac Happy
VERYGAMES : Ex6TenZ Shokkk crZ RegnaM Happy
redLine : Happy Soulm8 ScreaM Rodo Uzzziii
3DMAX! : AsP apEX shox ScreaM Happy
THEWALL : Happy Sf h0rks haqx Sqzzz
QS.COM : maLeK Sf Shokkk fxyo Happy
eXtensive! : Happy mshz apEX GMX Maniac


(2008) #4th diGitalsace with GlobaTeam
(2008) #4th Reso with zback!
(2008) #3rd LAN FINALS with EPSILON
(2008) #3rd Eurocup XVII with EPSILON
(2008) #2nd ShockLan with EPSILON
(2008) #2nd Gamers-assembly with EPSILON
(2008) #1st with EPSILON

(2009) #5~6 MaxLan with CrackClan

(2010) #4th Gamers-Assembly with Creativ
(2010) #2nd VI with redLine
(2010) #1st TEL vG trophy with redLine
(2010) #2nd MaxLan with VERYGAMES
(2010) #2nd Dreamhack winter with VERYGAMES
(2010) #4th LAN79 with redLine
(2010) #2nd LAN FINALS with redLine

(2011) #3rd CopenhagenGAMES with 3DMAX!
(2011) #1st PxL-32 with THEWALL

(2012) #2nd EMS with THEWALL
(2012) #1st EPSILAN8 with THEWALL
(2012) #1st NeXeN with redLine
(2012) #3rd/4th ESWC.FR LAN finals with eXtensive!
(2012) #1st MiG with eXtensive!
(2012) #5th/8th AMD sapphire prague with eXtensive!

(2013) #4th at EMS with LDLC.COM
(2013) #3rd EPSILAN 10 with LDLC.COM
(2013) #3rd CyberGamerInvite with LDLC.COM
(2013) #5~8th ESH VIENNA with LDLC.COM
(2013) #2nd EMS RaidCall-3 with LDLC.COM
(2013) #2nd EMS Raidcall-4 with LDLC.COM
(2013) #1st Gamers-Assembly with LDLC.COM

Currently in game leader for team LDLC.COM : Happy, apEX, KQLY, Maniac, Uzzziii
Currently Online
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