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Originally posted by Sonnenbank:
they have no clue ...

Describes most of the thread.
May 13 @ 5:38am
In topic Crashing
Originally posted by Just Chill:
Originally posted by Tyrone the Ba'athist:
in the beta
Why do people still use the beta?

Is it still being worked on? :O

OP is 2019.
Originally posted by OAN:
Originally posted by Oxe:
Processor AMD FX(tm)-6300 Six-Core Processor 3.50 GHz
Installed RAM 8.00 GB
System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
You need a graphics card in order to run this game.
Problem solved.

Yes...why isn't there even more than one reply without mentioning this? You want to play big boy games, get a big boy computer.
Originally posted by SourceCode:
Even after I got thermal paste, First I added a little, then added more over the cooler when it wasn't working. It STILL makes my computer sound like its taking off at an airport. It was never like this in the past when I played this game. I think I either need to just get a new cooler or new computer all together because this is ridiculous.

I think a bigger problem would be if the cooler didn't work at all, no? It's doing it's job...get a quieter set up if the noise bothers you that much.
May 13 @ 5:27am
In topic Crashing
Originally posted by GrayMod:
More than 2 years later I have the same problem :steamsad:

You and OP gave zero information about your computer or the software on it, so good luck with that.
May 12 @ 7:50am
In topic FSR 2.0 IS OUT NOW
Be nice if the memory leak is fixed.
Originally posted by TwinChops:
Nobody ever uses Gefoorce Experiance too "optimize" Games.

People do it often because they aren't very bright.
Originally posted by Gu:
The Game is pretty much unplayable if you need stable performance and a quiet PC. FromSoft doesn't do anything about it so I stopped playing after my first Playthrough. Shame, really. Even friends with 3080s can't play it well. Besides I don't think the game is that good... It's unbalanced as f*ck and the bosses are dissapointing and don't come close to Bloodborne or DS3

I have a 3080 and an runs fine for me at max settings, borderless window.
Apr 28 @ 5:57am
In topic Skip Dialogue/Choose Dialogue...
Originally posted by (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Rusty ♥:

Haven't tried it, as I am used to not skip to fast, and it pretty much never happens to me, but this should solve it.

I figured there must be a mod, but whining in here is also sometimes fun.
Apr 27 @ 5:37pm
In topic Skip Dialogue/Choose Dialogue...
...uses the same button. Pretty sweet design choice.
Apr 22 @ 7:18am
In topic how does the AI compare?
Play the original and find out.
Originally posted by DestrockQc:
What you will have to figure out is why I no more see your replies.

Have fun being wilfully ignorant. Toodles.
Originally posted by DestrockQc:
What is ISS ?

I'm not your Alexa, figure it out.
Originally posted by DestrockQc:
And I max 45 in every games cause I see no point of going higher, it cost more electricity and use the video card and the fans for nothing.

Huh? Do you live on the ISS?
Apr 17 @ 4:11pm
In topic As condescending and snarky as ever
Originally posted by Un4gvn:
Now they're just being rude, Perhaps they are misguided, taking out their frustrations on humans for screwing things up again. I do hate having to kill them.

Originally posted by randir14:
they're trying to kill you because in Half Life 1 they're enslaved by Nihilanth.
Apr 15 @ 8:57pm
Originally posted by SLGray:
So you purchased the New Frontier Pass?

Ugh, this made me double check, and I totally got the base game key by accident. Holy cow, lads (and un-lads) attention to what you do. I'll leave this up as a warning for those who herp and derp like I do.
Apr 15 @ 7:22pm
It says the key is tied to my account, yet it doesn't say that I own it anywhere else on steam or in the game. What I do get is a message saying: steam failed to install (connection timed out)

Everything else works on steam, so wtf is the problem here.

I already deleted the mods file.
You don't need both installed.
Apr 11 @ 1:14pm
In topic Any news on Steam achievements?
Originally posted by ExitPlan:
Hello, Devs here - We promise you that achievements are coming, but we're a tiny team and need to focus on the next map right now :) Once that's done we can focus on other things, such as adding achievements in the game. You will have achievements this year, promise! Thank you for your support, we love making this game and love the fact that you are also enjoying playing it. :)

This is excellent news, thanks for updating us.
Apr 10 @ 8:53am
In topic Mass Effect 2 broken
Are you still in the prologue?
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