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Posted: Sep 2, 2022 @ 8:39am

Early Access Review
This game has all the Hallmarks of a classic - it really does have that old-school feel to it. I wanted to be part of Early-Access so my ideas and comments could be considered. So forget my 10c you can have my 2c for free:

* Movement speed - I think it would be stunning if we could get a quake3/UT2004 kind of feel to it, faster movement, bunnyhopping, strafejumping - maps might need to increase in size though I dont know.
* Faster weapon focus in and out of zoom
* Netcode needs to cater for low-ping players, I had to consistently aim ahead of where I wanted to hit, no prediction yet. Easy enough to compensate for, for now
* Grenade throw distance needs to be further based on the throwing angle I think ?
* Please for the love of god dont change the pistol its awesome

Long Term
* Stats Stats Stats
* Custom models and skins for both model and weapons
* A "long" map, ala Metro from Battlefield 3

Otherwise really good Work Op, I enjoyed myself a lot.
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