Bill Nye the Korean Spy
Kim Jong-un   Korea, Democratic People's Republic of
People who i cherish a lot:

TatorThot (Jetan) - She helped me so much and a great person, gave me a reality check and advices. Helped me get out of my depression and anxiety. I'm thankful and always grateful to her.

Flying Spaghetti Monster (Anton) - Really close online gmod friend with similar taste and cool and funny person to talk to relating to games, jokes and life in general.

DemonicDeus (Gare Bear) - Been friend since 8th grade and awesome closest friend in real life, helped me out and fun to hang out with. The funniest guy and nicest guy i've ever met. Glad to be best friends together for long time.

The Fleet Admirial (Josh) - A friend whom i consider one of my brother since 7th grade of middle school. I've always enjoyed time with him on video game, airsoft, sleepovers etc. We had ups and downs and we may be opposite but in the end, we are brothers and help out one another, whom i am grateful to be friends together.

AtticusRoss - Chill guy to hang out with and met him since the golden days of KI saxton hale server, his steam level is too damn high. Rly good friend of mine and glad to be part of my life

Grim - My one and only rival in CS:GO but also really chill friend and friendly.

Gab - Chillest person u'll ever meet and enjoy talking to. Been friends since 3 years and one of the closest online friends i'll ever have. Always enjoyed talking to her and one of the closest friends that i cherish in my life. I'm thankful for her as my friend.

Wolfos - My half mexican and half korean friend since high school and consider him as my little brother. Makes jokes and chill about everything. Makes mexican jokes 24/7 and amazing person.

Shulk - The dankest meme friend i've ever met and glad to be friends with and cool person to hang out with. Been friends since 2014 during golden era of KI saxton hale server.

Geeky - <3

Y a g a - This man demands everyone to call him daddy. Joking aside, someone who's been there since the KI day. I've missed this man and glad to meet him again. Super good friend and still hates my revolver spy with a passion XD

Zombaco - This man is my homie, also from the KI days. Fun to hang out with and glad to be friends with.

Thank you very much, i love you guys for being part of my life, i really appreciate it.

"you can't change the past, move on and dont make it haunting memories, you still have the future to worry about"

In contrast to short human lives, the world is vast and deep, the world where we can meet someone, discoveries and new technology. I want to discover all of them, meet all the people, with different personalities, and yet i hate the fact that humans are so restricted and living short lives, before death i want to discover all of them, just thinking of dying not being able to discover new things scares me. Where there's light, there's always darkness within humanity. Humans are not perfect, there is no such thing as pefection, perfection is meanigless if it existed. Humans wouldn't have ambition to drive humans to strive and improve. The word perfection is subjective, people have different idiologies about the term perfection. We wouldnt have discovered new ideas and lived in very boring world with same ideology. The most chilling fact about the humans that they are always evolving constantly and improving endlessly, i wonder if we can reach that limit...

I want people to smile, laugh at my antics and stupidity, and me cracking a joke. I hate to see people depressed, i want to do whatever to make them happy, whether i act like a dumbass or a screaming moron incoherent words. Am i saying this just to recieve praise? no, i dont expect any praises or flattery, all i want people to be enjoy life and i probably dont have much time left... I want to enjoy peaceful life while i have the chance

I'm not perfect, i've hurted and offended people whether i did it intentionaly or not in the current or past. I've always tried to constantly improve my attitude and personality throughtout the year. i'm an annoying person, i dont deny it because im a very talkative person. I've wished that i would travel back in time and change everything but its already too late. I want to apologize many times to many people, but im afraid ill get rejected. I'll move on to become better person than ever before.

"The scariest thing for me is being abandoned, the most hurtful incident is being used, and the saddest feeling is loneliness."

Be honest with me, i don't mind any criticism, stuff, etc. I always like honest answer, don't be afraid that you might hurt my feelings, in reality it hurts me more when you lie to me about it. Harsh truth is better than a pretty lie

I've enjoyed 1 on 1 conversation with people, ur welcome to hit me up in discord, Snapchat, and facebook. Just ask for it if you want it

Now for my introduction:
Sup you skrublords. I'm just a typical college student that likes to play games and busy studying my ass off. Internet or online gaming is a community where everyone have chances to meet one another who have similar personality or idea. You are most welcome to talk to me or friend with me :)

Main Class: Sniper
Secondary Class: Medic
Tertiary Class: Scout and Engineer

I like making/playing music, i play guitar, bass, drums, violin, piano and cello and i like all kinds of music in general

P.S. If i don't respond, it's most likely that i'm busy, but i will respond to you as soon as i can :D

Don't try to find what i look like, you'll be hella dissapointed with my uglyness

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