Ermioni >mostly AFK
avoiding PC :D sry my friends but I decided to live more hours without pc so I open my pc only for a few minutes per day.
D O N ' T - P R E S S - T H E - A D D - B E F O R E - Y O U - R E A D - MY - P R O F I L E ! ! !
thank you kindly

*** For your own safety: Please read the bold letters on my profile
if you did it already and you understand them, then we can be friends :)

more info:
1st rank on sleeping
ACE - *** Gold achievement on making a mess ***
Very skilled on Complaining !!!

I will not try more to impress you .. I don't really care for impressing anyone.
if you like to have me friend like I am, good. I m not gonna wear a mask for anyone :)
important advice : remember always that you play a game to have a good time :)

** : yes I m moody today!
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**** READ ME ****/ **** READ ME ****/ **** READ ME ****/ **** READ ME ****

I trade my items only with gifts.
Please do not ask me about my CS:GO items.


**** READ ME **** / **** READ ME **** / **** READ ME ****

* if you read this and you do not understand you need to visit a doctor instead of message me
* if you try to flirt with me you are blacklisted , I am here to play , make an account in facebook and unistall steam :)


My trading link :

My Barter profile :

If i don't respond that can mean:
a) I do not see your messages
b) I'm In game
c) My mood is too bad to chat

if you still need more info :

1. when I say "I am busy" or even worse "I am moody" pls respect and do not talk to me , as I do for you when you are busy... it's not me.. my mood will press the blacklist button :E

2. By being polite does not necessary means that I am stupid :)

3. I am good but I can also be when needed :)

day 1. when the person you re talking to is stupid, you are able to find out in 5 minutes sinse you start a conversation. When you find out about it just run away as soon it s possible.. this person was not able to change during the whole years of his/her life.. you are not going to change anything.. if you still try to change that person , then you need to start worry about you.
day 2. My teacher told me 1 day "the reason you hate someone is because he is the same as your negative parts of Your self that you are trying to change.. with a few words he is like you!"
day3. I think that when we realise the bad things we did we save our self from taking a lesson for realising it in future..if this is true , I am going to write down tomorrow all bad things i ever did.
day 100. I finally found out that I can sometimes be stronger than the mess I can make..


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cats are extreme busy :(((
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Hooray for cats
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Happy New Year!
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Cats rule!
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So when will I get blacklisted c;
Hehe, hope you are doing great Isi~