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- About Me -

Just a random Italian brony with a massive passion for online MMOs and RPGs
If you see [Live!] into my name it means I'm streaming on Twitch

- Trading -

I will always use sites like, or I will try going into trading servers if I need something.

- When to contact me -

Online: Answers may be delayed, but will come shortly
Away: Feel free to leave a message, I'll answer when I'll be back
Busy: I don't even know what this means
On Mobile/Browser: It's quite rare to see those status on me.
In game: Well, answer will be hardly delayed

- Links -

Twitch Page: zeropon3 []

- Friend Request -

Well, sure we can be friends, but I have some limitation on who I will accept.

1) Private Profiles
That's a big no, go away

2) You've added me randomly
I wil hardly accept unless you leave me a reason oh why you're adding me.
Adds for trade will be declined

3) You've played with or aganist me and decided to add me
You're welcome pal, come in

- Peoples I care about -

Jacky : Another vampony, more bloodthirsty than me
Midderp : A lovely pouncable Leafeon :fhappy:
Blitz : Damn, I don't deserve a friend like him
Step Quick : Probably we have too many things on common. I consider him almost like a brother.
Naomi : Together we stand, don't give up!

- Extra -

║╔╗║╔╣╔╗║╔╗╣║─║║ put this
║╚╝║║║╚╝║║║║╚═╝║ on your profile
╚══╩╝╚══╩╝╚╩═╗╔╝ if you're a brony
───────────╔═╝║ and proud!
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@shade chaser, you are a funny guy, you get unhooked in my face (death hook btw) and instead of running away with your BT/DS combo you diced to bodyblock me, then cry when you get my attention?
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