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Castle Crasher

Complete the Legendary Dungeon: Grand Castle
Unlocked Jan 2 @ 12:17pm

Crypt Cleaner

Complete the Legendary Dungeon: Witch Queen Catacombs
Unlocked Jan 12 @ 2:16pm

Did you try turning it off and on again?

Complete the Legendary Dungeon: Ancient Robot
Unlocked Jan 8 @ 1:39pm

Corporate Espionage

Complete the Legendary Dungeon: Secret Corporation
Unlocked Feb 17 @ 4:11am

Alcazar Shmalcazar

Complete the Legendary Dungeon: Dragon Ruler's Alcazar
Unlocked Feb 20 @ 1:29pm

Baby's First Dungeon

Escape from Nostramagus' basement.
Unlocked Jan 2 @ 11:16am

Nostramagus is Missing!

Locate Nostramagus
Unlocked Jan 12 @ 2:26pm

Fortress in the Sky

Meet Astrolabus
Unlocked Feb 20 @ 1:55pm

Personal Growth

Defeat the Calamity
Unlocked Feb 20 @ 2:16pm

Behold my true form, and despair!

Unlock Dragon Form
Unlocked Feb 17 @ 5:24am

The S is for Super

Reach max Rank on a single Form
Unlocked Feb 16 @ 9:51am

The first of many

Upgrade an ability
Unlocked Jan 2 @ 11:14am

I'm never taking this off

Reach the max upgrade level of a single ability
Unlocked Feb 16 @ 9:53am

Peak Performance

Reach the max upgrade level of all of one Form's abilities
Unlocked Feb 16 @ 9:53am


Join the Knights Guild
Unlocked Jan 4 @ 1:00pm

Grandmaster Knight

Attain the rank of Grandmaster Knight in the Knights Guild
Unlocked Feb 17 @ 3:55am

Licensed Acolyte

Become an Acolyte of the New League of Wizards
Unlocked Jan 11 @ 12:48pm

Grand Maester

Attain the rank of Grand Maester in the New League of Wizards
Unlocked Feb 17 @ 5:24am

Lesser Peon

Join the Thieves Guild
Unlocked Jan 4 @ 1:57pm

Master Fraudster

Earn the title of Master Fraudster in the Thieves Guild
Unlocked Feb 16 @ 10:22am

Fine Form!

Customize a Form for the first time
Unlocked Jan 4 @ 1:28pm


Have a Form equipped with 4 Passives
Unlocked Jan 12 @ 2:17pm

Whaddya Buyin?

Make a shop purchase
Unlocked Jan 2 @ 11:26am

One of Everything, Please!

Own one of every shop item in the game
Unlocked Feb 17 @ 4:16am

Fairyly Small Reunion

Find 5 mana fairies
Unlocked Jan 8 @ 1:44pm

Fairy Conservationist

Find the final mana fairy
Unlocked Feb 17 @ 5:27am

Pony Love

Experience true love
Unlocked Jan 2 @ 12:01pm

The Cactagon

Find the treasure beyond the Gulp
Unlocked Feb 16 @ 9:15am

I'm talkin journalism, baby!

Do some journalism
Unlocked Jan 11 @ 1:02pm

The Light Expanse

Completely light the Dark Expanse
Unlocked Feb 17 @ 3:47am

What does "#@$%&!" mean?

Learn the language of dolphins
Unlocked Feb 16 @ 9:06am

Super Wiz

Reach max Rank on all Forms

A world so nice I saved it twice

Defeat the Calamity in NG+

Nobody saved the world

Obtain every achievement in the game

+ Need a sentry here!

Unlock the Mechanic form

+ Bee yourself

Unlock the Killer Bee form

+ The True Being

Be crowned the True Being

+ Job's done!

Reach S-Rank on the Mechanic

+ The True Bee-ing

Reach S-Rank on the Killer Bee

+ No Alchemy Required

Earn all 36 Medals in the Colosseum and talk to The Dueling Faces

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