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Personal Achievements

Pushing a pull door

Enter the Laundrette
Unlocked Jan 9 @ 12:02pm

Fetch Quest Complete

Empty all 4 hoppers at the start of the game
Unlocked Jan 9 @ 12:13pm

I can't wait!

Purchase and recieve delivery of your first new Arcade Machine
Unlocked Jan 9 @ 12:40pm

New Kid on the Block

Shrink the King Wash to expand Arcade Paradise
Unlocked Feb 3 @ 12:23pm

Waking nightmare

Lose everything and end up working at the Bestwurst
Unlocked Feb 4 @ 7:57am

Crowning achievement

Replace the King Wash facia and make your father proud
Unlocked Feb 11 @ 11:51am

Fat Princess

Feed the Princess in Woodgal's Adventure.
Unlocked Jan 12 @ 12:48pm

Existential dread

Do nothing all day.
Unlocked Jan 10 @ 10:53am

Nose to the Grindstone

Complete all objectives for 3 days running
Unlocked Feb 3 @ 1:03pm

Drop the ball

Drop 15 balls in one move on Bugai
Unlocked Feb 4 @ 8:24am

Taking the plunge

Inflict 5000 damage on the toilet
Unlocked Feb 3 @ 12:40pm

Clean up on Aisle 9

Bin 250 pieces of trash.
Unlocked Jan 10 @ 2:14pm

Hidden Packages

Find and remove 100 pieces of gum
Unlocked Feb 4 @ 11:21am


Complete a game of Solitaire
Unlocked Feb 3 @ 7:05pm


Beat all the high scores on Brick, Toad, Racer, Flyguy and Snake in Knuckles and Knees
Unlocked Feb 4 @ 11:21am

Smells like teen spirit

Pass out in the toilet
Unlocked Feb 3 @ 3:36pm

Your Bloody Valentine

After upgrading footwear and glasses stare, zoomed in at the floor for 3 seconds
Unlocked Feb 11 @ 10:21am

Bug Fixer

Debug an Arcade Machine
Unlocked Jan 11 @ 11:11am

Ahoy Hoy

Listen to 10 messages on the answer machine
Unlocked Feb 3 @ 3:25am

Machine Maxed

complete all goals on a machine
Unlocked Feb 3 @ 4:00am


Complete 10 goals
Unlocked Jan 11 @ 11:24am


Complete 30 goals
Unlocked Feb 3 @ 12:51pm

Friends Reunited

Complete Barkanoid
Unlocked Feb 4 @ 4:22am


Get 3 consecutive S-Ranks throwing garbage into the dumpster
Unlocked Jan 9 @ 1:06pm

Modern Gorefare

Kill 99 Zombies with each weapon in Zombat 2
Unlocked Feb 4 @ 9:36am

Got 9999 problems but a Zombie ain't one

Kill 9999 zombies in Zombat 2
Unlocked Feb 3 @ 11:07am

Rhythm is a dancer

Clear any song with a perfect score on Cyber Dance
Unlocked Feb 3 @ 3:39am

Intergalactic, planetary, planetary...

Visit all of the tourist destinations in Bugai
Unlocked Feb 4 @ 4:46am

You Spin Me Round

Summon Woodguy Jr in Attack Vector
Unlocked Feb 3 @ 3:36pm

I ran the numbers

Have a daily income of over 2500
Unlocked Feb 3 @ 4:44am

Gerald of Riviera

Wait a second... I'd recognise that voice anywhere!
Unlocked Jan 9 @ 1:49pm

Video killed the radio star

Unlock and use the NTV Player
Unlocked Feb 11 @ 11:51am


Get to level 3 on adventure mode in Bomb Dudes
Unlocked Feb 11 @ 9:54am


Uncover all conspiracies in Blockchain


Clock Vostok 2093 once

Ballz To The Wallz

Have at least one of each colour ball in play on Graffiti Ballz

GoldGuy Jr

Buy all upgrades in Strike Gold

Sonically Youthful

Unlock and listen to all the songs on the jukebox

Jimmy Goldman Would be Proud

Set all machines to max price per play.

Fresh Prince of Grindstone

Purchase all personal upgrades

True Capitalist

$250,000 in the safe

Many Machines Maxed

complete all goals on 15 machines


Complete 60 goals

To do. Done!

Complete 99 to do list items

Once upon a slime

Unlock endless mode in Slime Pipes

Hammer time

Thump 333 Gophers

It's a horror game

Pass level 3 of Line Terror

We come in peace

Land the plane 9 times in UFO Assault

GTA: Crime City

Clear all 3 cities in Racer Chaser

Pimp My Ride

Fully upgrade your craft in Spacerace

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