Richard Blixon
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Skoob 30 ABR a las 8:51 
interested in the usp target acquired with c9 holos
Knolle 26 FEB a las 14:07 
its about zour p250 Digital Architect
Cryllyc 25 FEB a las 4:23 
Hey, im interested in your galil sugarrush 4x LDLC cologne, add me back please for trade
coco - b/s skins 23 FEB a las 13:30 
Check my profile. Adding with question about dlore.
BannedFromDying 19 FEB a las 13:39 
I have a usp-torque you once had add me if interested:steamhappy:
Buaf 28 ENE a las 3:14 
about the Target acquired