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Posted: Sep 27, 2018 @ 8:42am
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Depth of Extinction is a tactical turn-based strategy game with battles in the style of XCOM.

The story starts within the setting of a submarine or similar machine. Humans have lived here for hundreds of years, but there is a looming threat from some Evil AI to destroy the human race. They are looking to complete their weapon to achieve their goal. On the other hand, you need to reassemble a key in order to attack the Citadel to destroy that weapon. Before anything, you will need to find the code scrambler that will allow you to find the three pieces of the key.

The game offers a good built-in tutorial, that tells you what you need to know. Every time there is a new situation, it will pop up and offer information to help you.

In the very beginning, you select a new submarine. In addition, you pick your team. Depending on the submarine you choose, you may have enough money to hire mercenaries.

Then the game switches to a map after your selections are done. On the map you see where you start and your end goal. In between are nodes that you can visit. You can always visit any node that is adjacent to where your current location is. Some nodes will give you supplies, others fuel, or sometimes you may even visit pirates/merchants where they have captives that you can free (by force or money).

All of the battles in the skimmer term base. As above-mentioned, there in the style of XCOM. Each turn, your characters will have two action points. You can move first, then after that take a shot. You cannot shoot first then move. You need to reload your weapon when the ammo is low. Otherwise, you can choose to use overwatch. It is very important to pay attention to cover, wandering around in the open when you are under attack is very dangerous. Some positions will give you partial coverage, some will give you better coverage.

After you killed all the enemies in a loadout, you can then loot the bodies. In addition, there are also additional places where you can scavenger items.

This game features permadeath, so any member of your team that dies is gone for good.

The mini map on the top right part of the screen can be expanded, and tells you exactly where you need to go.

When everything is done for each loadout, you can go to the evacuation point.

In terms of character movements, you can control all of your character individually, or select a follow action, with all of the characters following an initial input from you. You can choose offensive or defensive following. You can choose which character you want to bring up the tail. This changes in battles, when you take control of each member separately. The switch is automatic. After all of your enemies have been eliminated, and you accomplish objective, you can choose to have the characters all automatically moved to the evacuation point, or you can do this separately on your own, in order to collect all of the loot. This game has a lot of loot, such as weapons, items, etc.

The character leveling up system is also very comprehensive. You can choose between classes, and you can upgrade different stats. The description for each class and stat is displayed, so you know exactly what you are putting points into.

The game saves automatically, along with permadeath, the game really forces you to make smart decisions.

The game can be played entirely with a mouse. If you prefer, you can also use the keyboard for some quick shortcuts, and also to move around the map.

Graphics and Music
The graphics are in pixel art. I do like this style that the developers chose. The music fits together very well. The voices and sound effects are not very unique. They sound very similar to those found in XCOM.

Depth of Extinction is an enormous tactical turn-based strategy game with a lot of exploration and freedom. The price will make some people hesitate, but what you get is well worth this price. If you are a fan of similar games, you will definitely enjoy this one. I will give this game 9/10.

Please see the following for some gameplay video from the beginning:


I received the product for free. I did not receive any compensation to write this review. The opinions represented here are entirely my own and were not influenced in any way.
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Methapwn  [developer] Oct 3, 2018 @ 6:30pm 
Yoshi, thanks for going into detail and explaining what the game is all about.