Trips: I decided that when I saw Sheep for the first time and he was a 6'7 chiselled god with 2% bf but sounds like a 4 year old, that I couldn't judge people on their voices anymore
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'bones Jul 8 @ 4:34am 
dart goblin
Exquizit Jul 8 @ 4:31am 
bro really cool to meet you at lan you look nothing like you sound online haha u were kinda cute tho ngl... haha just kidding.. unless?
redja Jun 24 @ 6:48pm 
so you think you're cool enough to join the ♥♥♥♥ing beetle gang now aye?
:B Jun 21 @ 12:40am 
suck me first dracula *v*
social anxiety Jun 12 @ 2:17am 
it's been fun.
maximus Apr 7 @ 3:06am 
yo if u could stop playing engineer, that’d be rad thanks