fakershroom :P (they/she)
Io - they/them - she/her
hi, my name is Io :3 best masked salamander of degroot keep :P
please comment before friending :P hi if I added you instead xP
nya!~ :HsienKo: Free Q&A further into my bio~! :hintlord:
sometimes the meowshroom, sometimes the fakershroom ^w^

Questions & Answers:
Who are you?
I'm Xycelium, or Xyce for short, nice to meet you :3

What are you?
Your worst nightmare. >:3
nah jk, I'm just a silly goober is all. I'm also transnonbinary! :P

What the hell is "transnonbinary"?!
Basically, I am trans, and I am nonbinary. So I am both at the same time. Das all really.

What does the (they/she) mean in your username?
Those are my pronouns. So people can refer to me like "they did this" or "she did that". Very simple :P

Are you a furry?
Mushrooms aren't mammals so no, but in an aesthetic sense, I guess so, hehe :3c
PurpLexed Jun 8 @ 2:03pm 
Hello friend! Adding you because I collect trans tf2 players, you have been collected :3
ryan May 22 @ 6:06pm 
pretty cute im ngl
DEMOKNIGHT May 22 @ 11:50am 
+rep epic
lime.mutt May 11 @ 2:33am 
+rep 'shroom
ArghBeef May 8 @ 7:37pm 
W Workshop opinion. Thank you for your comment
Trams Gember :steamthumbsup: