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Trading rules
・ You must send me at least as many cards as you request from me (1:1)
・ No cross-set trades
・ Normal & foil cards accepted
・ You can send as many cards as you want in the same trade

・ Your offer will be instantly accepted if it doesn't break any rule, else it will be declined
・ If your offer is still not accepted nor declined after a few minutes, resend it. It happens rarely
・ No need to add me, just send me a trade
・ To automatically look for matchs, I advice you to use STM [www.steamtradematcher.com]

・ This is a free service provided to users who want to complete card sets or collections.
・ This bot will decline trades from bots and users who abuse my service with unwanted behaviors.
What is this bot?
The goal is to help you swapping your duplicated cards for the ones your are missing.
・ I'm not getting any profit from it but at least my cards are being useful.

Usage example
・ You want to craft a CSGO badge
・ You own 5 cards from the set, but thoses are actually 5 dupes of the same card
・ You send me your 4 extra cards for the 4 you are missing, the bot will accept your offer
・ You now have one of each card of the set and you are able to craft you badge

Can't find your card?
・ Because of loading performances, I had to split my inventory between 4 accounts
・ My other accounts all have over 30K cards, maybe they will have what you are looking for
・ Check out this spreadsheet [docs.google.com] to see the cards I own and which account they're on
🗙 Baa | 🗙 Bee | 🗙 Buu

・ Service started the 1st April 2022
・ Cards from more games will be added over time
・ I will have steam Sales cards, but only on 🗙 Bee
・ I have a Steam Group where I gather my accounts
・ More than 120K cards from over 6600 games in stock
・ My cards are spread over multiple accounts, see "Can't find your card?" above for more.
Donations or overpay are appreciated and will grow the bot inventory

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LyndaSmiles ᴱᴳ Mar 24 @ 8:14am 
Thanks for the fast trade :BR_Heart:
🗙 Boo Jan 3 @ 7:01am 
@>=SF=< Quantom X : That's fine I can send it back
>=SF=< Quantom X Jan 2 @ 4:14pm 
accidently sent a 1 sided trade and gave a card for free.
Brother Erxkum Jan 1 @ 2:58am 
:cozyskyrimvr: Happy New Year 2023 🗙 Boo :cozyskyrimvr:
OnlineCarShow Dec 23, 2022 @ 5:06pm 
franfj Nov 9, 2022 @ 5:34am