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3rd Place IsmaiLegends 2018 ESTrofa (World, V3X, Nypex, Dany, Berna)
2nd Place EPINFANTE LanParty 2017 - Trofa (World, RC, Nypex, Berna, Martinez)
5th/6th Place LanHouseStation Battles #6 - MadMonkeyz (World, V 3 X, Sloth, Fehini, EL_Pépézinho)
3rd E-Sports Lan Party: Counter Strike: GO - MadMonkeyz (PEPE, World, Sl0th, K4X, PostKiller)
3rd/4rd Open Challenge Lista Beta - MadMonkeyz (World, PEPE, Resende, KIKINHO, Kastorfever)


1st Place ASP ESPORTS SATURDAY CUP #6 - MadMonkeyz (World, PEPE, Snapy, RC, Alpha)
3/4th Place Exotic Official Cup - MadMonkeyz (World, PEPE, Snapy, RC, NoStop)
1st Place SidersCup #11 FantasyPro (World, Skipper, Dani, RC, Nypex)
1st Place SidersCup #9 (World, Skipper, Dani, RC, Dark [carrega])
1st Place SidersCup #7 (World, Skipper, Snapy, Dani, RC)
3rd Place MagicShot Weekend Cup TeamExera ( World, V3X, Pépé, Nuck, MtM)
3rd Place Iterum Close Qualifier ( World, Pépé, RC, Ndj, Rasko )
1st Place CloseQualifier ISMAILEGENDS (World, V 3 X, Nypex, Berna, Dany)


Mouse - Zowie FK2
MousePad - HyperX XL
Monitor - Asus 144Hz 1Ms
Headphones - HyperX Cloud II
Keyboard - Dell
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CS:GO LAN Battles #6 - MadMonkeyz (World, V3X, Sloth, Fehini, EL_Pépézinho)
Anarari Mar 5 @ 9:41am 
we can try one more game if you want
DEFRO (CS2DEALS) Feb 14 @ 8:18am 
how about the deal ?
Mirabelle Feb 3 @ 1:34am 
have a nice offer, added
76561199261646935 Jul 16, 2023 @ 10:04pm 
Signed by me :) Lets play csgo
76561199242298858 Feb 4, 2023 @ 8:40pm 
signed by me
fREES7YLER May 29, 2022 @ 5:58pm 
bets teammate)