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I don't know where you got the thing about the interface from, but I also felt that way while playing, I guess I'm not the only one! It's a very confusing game, specially correctness, so I should re-play it again to catch more of the story.
May 27 @ 11:41am
In topic japanese voice
Look online for videos of the japanese Killer7, you'll find the game's voices have always been in english
May 27 @ 10:14am
In topic Published by NISA
Complaints about NISA are about localization, right? Well the game was already localized... That other team just have to get the Gamecube engine running on current PCs. So what's with all the worrying about NISA, they can't localize what's already localized. I don't get it
May 27 @ 9:50am
In topic Doesn't look that bad
If you pay attention to the screenshots they're sticking close to the gamecube material.
Effects lost in the PS2 version are not lost in this port, for example the Depth of Field effect. Also the glitching kanji in japanese are featured. Maybe we will get glitching words in english now? I don't know but I think the team is in the right track
May 27 @ 9:32am
In topic Thank you for this port
I hope we get a nice, blurry-♥♥♥ PS2 port for FSR. As it's meant to be played.
And the DS version wasn't that bad, come on
FSR is an interesting experience, if you play it with the right mindset.
But I don't think it's necessary for 25W, unless I missed something :Silver_Morikawa:
Apr 25 @ 5:15pm
In topic So, Electride...
You're meant to be lost and try the first thing that might come to mind. Like start from the first door for example. Or something like that. I found most questions in this game put you in those sort of "common sense" situations
Originally posted by Arale//Zero:
25W does have a bunch of puzzles but they're not as hard as FSR. Several of them are downright trivial
Maybe it was the US version that I played but FSR puzzles were super easy, the answer was always in the in-game guide. Unless you're talking of the lost and found bonus puzzles which seemed so hard that I never tried (though the music during lost and found was my favorite track in the game).

In 25W the puzzles are usually common sense stuff I didn't find many issues with them.
Apr 5 @ 12:41pm
In topic Other SUDA51 games
Originally posted by boxythecat:
why not try to give Lospass proper current gen graphics?
That would be very disappointing, I hope they keep the original blurry graphics for FSR and the original Cell-Shading and gradients for Killer7.
Matchmaker doesn't do very well with suspension of disbelief
Mar 18 @ 4:14pm
In topic Black Out (spoilers)
I think Suda just wanted to have the ending of the series to be super tedious and horrible in a hilarious way. A bit like FSR.
I'm not a big fan of how they handled the puzzles throughout the game but whatever.
Then Matchmaker was a bit silly, but I still loved it.
Correctness felt like an extremely referential infodump at times and I loved it, I'll have to replay it some more times to absorb exactly what's going on.

I felt more emotional towards TSC than this one, but it's not that dissapointing, specially since I was already expecting something like this from the 25W; a violent, tough remake of a phantom game.
This game is brutally confusing. If you expect to understand at least some of what's going on (specially the lines about Kamui) you must play TSC.
Mar 14 @ 12:56pm
In topic GPU usage
I had to lock my framerate with the Nvidia Inspector tools.
I bet the PS4 version has a proper FPS lock. They should patch an in-game option for PC since there's no point in running the game at 600 frames per second. Specially for linux and mac users that might not have the tweaking tools we have available in windows.
Mar 4 @ 10:10am
In topic Game Talk Topic - Ask Your Stuff Here
Originally posted by sdarigan:
Does anyone know if it will be all right to play this one if you haven't played the first game yet?
The first game is the key to most of suda's references and his style, I think you'd be missing out if you skipped it and went for the other games. It happened to me since I played FSR and K7 before playing TSC and while I was playing it I started having flashbacks like "oh so this is what that reference was about", "so this is who this journalist was and this was his childhood" etc. At the end of the day they are still minor things though, and these games are very hazy and confusing, so it's up to you.
Feb 18 @ 12:03pm
In topic Game Talk Topic - Ask Your Stuff Here
The store says in the requirements for 25区 that you need a DirectX11 card. I really hope that's not the case, since the original Silver Case could be played in any DX9 computer. If it's DX11 only I'll have to buy a new video card, god damn it. The graphics are very low already, why do they need DX11?
Feb 12 @ 7:56am
In topic Game Talk Topic - Ask Your Stuff Here
Originally posted by LOVE★LOVE GUILTY:
How long to beat says that FSR length is ~7 hours, but I spent 30 minutes on first puzzle. Is that even possible for me to beat the game in 7 hours?
The puzzles are really easy after you get the guide (it has all the answers in plain sight), but 7 hours? Sounds like a speedrun. There's a lot of text and walking around, it's at least 14 hours.
Oct 10, 2017 @ 7:26am
In topic Game Talk Topic - Ask Your Stuff Here
From the trailers it looks much more violent than TSC.
Also, it was made after Killer7, so maybe it has references to it?
Aug 1, 2017 @ 3:23pm
In topic New update released!
Originally posted by cheru:
Sorry, I'm writing the update soon!! We added Linux though :P
Thanks for the linux port!
Jul 31, 2017 @ 2:51pm
In topic New update released!
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