Zach Hyman   Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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President Barack Sep 20, 2015 @ 12:23pm 
Griefer, got my friend a 7 day ban then sent me this message
ALEJANDRO: what do you want
Tick Tock, Ahmed! (Alex): I just wanted to say that I'm sorry
Tick Tock, Ahmed! (Alex): I feel bad about it
ALEJANDRO: i only got a two hour ban
ALEJANDRO: dont apologize to me
ALEJANDRO: i could care less
ALEJANDRO: apologize to og
ALEJANDRO: he's in my friendslist
Tick Tock, Ahmed! (Alex): I mean, you're so ♥♥♥♥ at Counter-Strike, and I see why you team killed me. It only makes sense that you thought I was the enemy. It's okay, dude. You'll get better with practice! ♥