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Posted: Nov 20, 2019 @ 12:57pm
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As someone with little to no prior knowledge of Buzludzha and the wider region of Bulgaria, Buzludzha VR was a beautiful medium in which to learn about and explore this significant piece of Bulgarian history. The experience is immersive and informative from start to finish with many excellently voiced information points and translations that really make your journey through the structure in its reimagined form interesting and engaging. The attention to detail is a testament to the passion behind this project and provides insentive to thoroughly inspect every nook and cranny of the structure for things to see and do.

I really enjoyed this experience; learning about the history of Buzludzha and the surrounding region has definitely sparked my curiosity and put Bulgaria on my wishlist of countries to explore. Being able to peek at the current state of the building throughout really put into perspective how neglected the Buzludzha monument is and I really hope that soon there comes a renewed push to preserve this stunning structure.
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