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This guide will take psychology studies from the 1950s and use them as a means of identifying characteristics in the characters and comparing them to the research. Will they align correctly or is it such a minute, insignificant detail that they probably di
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I have had the absolute pleasure of completing this game in it's entirety, 100% achievements unlocked, all in one sitting. In just under four and a half hours I've done everything this game has to offer. Hopefully this means that what I have to say next seems credible and legitimate.

The Lost and The Wicked, with a mere 14 reviews total, is undeniably one of the greatest hidden gems on Steam, or any platform for that matter. I will go over everything I think is right about the game.


Starting off strong I'll cover the actually gameplay, the mechanics it provides and such.

The twin stick shooter style is very reminiscent of critically acclaimed, and cultly praised, bullet hell rogue-likes such as Nuclear Throne and Blazing Beaks. The gameplay, in of itself, would be one dimensional if it weren't for the powers, permanent upgrades and limited gun use.

The powers are relatively simplistic and that is genuinely a compliment; The Lost and The Wicked presents you with three (3) potential powers you unlock throughout the game.

  • Multi-gun
  • Invincibility
  • Slow Time

These three options allow the player to approach the game in any manner they so choose and, although a minor addition, greatly increases the variety of potential options when dealing with mobs and / or bosses.

Permanent upgrades in a rogue-lite aren't uncommon, if anything they've become the norm, but nevertheless the way it's done in this particular title is simple and this is for the better because, as the cliche goes, "less is more".

The limited gun use is an interesting mechanic I initially struggled with (by initially I mean the first 10 minutes) but after a few stages, or deaths, you quickly learn to understand and utilise the tech to it's fullest potential. This keeps the game feeling quite fresh for quite a while. Honestly, by the time you truly understand all the mechanics, particularly the three I've previously mentioned, you've reached the 2nd last and / or last level.

Overall the game play, although simple, is effective, engaging and enjoyable.

Soundtrack, Score, and Sound Design

An on-going theme presented throughout the title is the idea of "less is more" and this is also evident in the soundtrack, score and sound design. This is not to say the audio is simplistic, as that would be greatly unfair to the amount of time it must've taken to compose supporting soundtrack, main soundtrack, gun effects, enemy sounds etc.

Instead, this aforementioned "less is more" ideology can be more accurately described, in regards to audio, as subtle. The score isn't overbearing, like a prima donna desperate for spotlight, instead it sits back, softly, and enhances the already engaging environment. It's fair to say that the sound design is that good that you barely notice it; nothing is too intense or steals your attention away instead allowing the gameplay, and incredible plot, to steal the spotlight.

Plot and World-Building

Here is where I have my one, and only, complaint and it's not even regarding the plot or world-building specifically but instead the main characters monologues and / or dialogues. They are written with clear angst which can, sometimes, be overbearing but, as the game progresses, you find yourself accustomed to it. Some of the lines, to be fair, are actually extremely poetic and thought-provoking; it's just a shame not all of the dialogue is as Shakespearean in nature.

The plot, on the other hand, is absolutely exceptional. 'The Lost and The Wicked' manages to present the audience with an on-going, non-linear plot which answers as many questions as it provides leaving a constant state of ambiguity. This aforementioned 'constant state of ambiguity' keeps the player well-engaged throughout the entire play-through if they are one's for intricate, mysterious stories. Similarly, coinciding with the brilliant story, the world building presents, just like the art-style and score, a subtle, almost realistic, environment greatly juxtaposed by our protagonists constant decaying, borderline schizophrenic, mental state. It's subtly, when contrasted by our "heros" psychological decay, creates an amazing experience.

Boss and Mob Design

The boss designs are nice, different, and fresh compared to the mob design. I will not focus too greatly on the bosses, as I believe they are to be experienced, but it would be unfair of me to not express the "wild-card" nature of the boss designs; some are crazy, terrifying, and horrific while others seem almost too simple to be considered a boss design. Nevertheless, for the most part, the boss design(s) are solid.

Conclusion + Ratings

Although the play-time is short, the story is magnificent, the score is expertly crafted, the gameplay is engaging, and this is an underrated gem.

This is a game you should pick up.


Plot / Story: 8 / 10
Score / Sound Design: 10 / 10
Art: 8.5 / 10
Character Designs: 7 / 10
Gameplay: 7.5 / 10

Overall Rating: 8.5 / 10

"A hidden gem if I've ever seen it"
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