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Boludoz 4 hours ago 
Evil forks.
michael Aug 19 @ 5:46am 
Not a weeb, not a furry.

But if weebs want to be Japanese, they better cut off all the bs they do, actually learn Japanese the more logical way and live in Japan without doing everything that's not true irl, but in anime.

And furries... If you wanna be one, just... don't. Your time won't come. You are a furry in your world. But here? You 're just unacceptable by common sense, aka: The normal people.

michael Aug 18 @ 10:03am 
You must be a triggered "migrant" muslim bud-or a dumb white liberal. Destroying countries like an infestation.
michael Aug 17 @ 1:35am 
Person 1: Stop drinking coke it is bad for your teeth
Person 2:♥♥♥♥♥is bad for your teeth too,♥♥♥♥♥♥

Haha, sick and intelligent bantz ammirite? I am so smart!
michael Aug 17 @ 12:11am 
Hey dude that Dark Humour joke was seriously funny man! Thanks for taking away the empathy and whatever sentimental thoughts I had!! Haha, bread and circuses bro! Life is worthless ammirite guys? Haha!