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MB:NW - Eskiden Bulunduğum ve Şuan Olduğum Alaylar // Past and Current Regiments
➪Served to 82nd Bashibazouks Shadow Company as Kıdemli Er / Lance Corporal for 1 year.
➪Served to 26th Bashibazouks Continuous Company as Uzman Onbaşı / Expert Corporal for 4 months.
➪Served to 92nd Nighttown Company as Astsubay Kıdemli Başçavuş / Warrant Officer for 2 months.
➪Served to 19th Militia Regiment as Acemi / Recruit for 1 month.
➪Served to 66th Berkshire's Centre Company as Kingsman for 5 months.
➪Served to 86th Continuous NTC as Lt.Col for 5 months.
➪Served to 44y Revolyutsiya Armiya as Lt.Col / Yarbay for 3 months.
➪Served to 10th Royal Lincolnshire Regiment as Colonel / Albay for 3 months. (Disbanded) It was a good run. 22 matches and only 4 lost.
➪Served to 88th Regiment of Foot as Regular for 2 months
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Name: Burak Deniz
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Languages: English and Turkish

Ostfront Diaries of Baboli

As on the entire Eastern front, from Baltic sea to the Carpathians,the Soviets here, in the morning hours of January 13th, open their largest offensive to date. After an unusally-strong artillery barrage, huge tank formations and strong air-force deployment support well over a hundred Bolshevik divisions as they storm our lines. Ceaseless fire from all German weapons causes immense losses to the Bolshevik divisions. Flak, anti-tank artillery, and anti-tank close-combat weapons prodigiously decimate the armored colossi. Behind cover and inside trenches, the German infantryman awaits the enemy with every weapon. Over a thousand tanks are knocked out in the first five days. The Bolsheviks suffer heavy losses from our concentrated use of Nebelwerfers.The Bolshevik masses are confronted everywhere by the breakwater formed by German tank and infantry units. In hundreds of villages, heavy street fighting rages. Every house, every piece of forest is bitterly fought for! Mechanized infantrymen are thrown in to relieve a point of penetration. The front is on fire over a width of 1,000 kilometers. In the prepared rear positions, the infantrymen squat down and endure the bombing by the Soviet air force and the artillery fire. There is no difference now between day and night.
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