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Information details :
:steamthis: www.vuldrose.com
:steamthis:Level 328
:steamthis:4200++ comments
:steamthis:13000++ trades made
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:steamthis: Facebook [www.facebook.com]
:steamthis: Line [line.me]
:steamthis: Discord [discord.gg]

1. AWP Dragon Lore FN fv 0.006
2. AWP Dragon Lore MW fv 0.08
3. AWP Dragon Lore FT fv 0.16 + crown
4. AK-47 Fire serpent FN fv 0.05
5. AK-47 Fire Serpent MW + 2 crown fv 0.08
6. Flip doppler Emerald FN fv 0.02
7. M4a4 Howl FN fv 0.03
8. M4a4 Howl FT fv 0.17
9. M9 bayonet Lore MW 0.1
10. Karambit Lore MW 0.07

:steamthis: ACHIEVEMENTS:
:steamthis: SteamRep Donator [steamrep.com]
:steamthis: Steam Analyst Donator [csgo.steamanalyst.com]
:steamthis: Steam Reputasi Donator [steamreputasi.com]
:steamthis: Steam Ladder Donator [www.steamladder.com]
:steamthis:Trades made more than 9.000+ times
:steamthis:Selling more than 10.000 items ( list of best items below)
:steamthis: Selling more than 50.000 CSGO keys
:steamthis: Selling more than 50.000 TF2 keys
:steamthis: 5K mmr party on Dota 2
:steamthis: SMFC on CS:GO
:steamthis: Royalty division on H1Z1
:steamthis:Rank 600 World solo kill on PUBG

:steamthis: IMPORTANT RULES :
:steamthis: Purchase an item based on the rules that I made, please understand
:steamthis: All events after the item you receive is no longer my responsibility because the item has been received by the buyer
:steamthis: There is no binding law or law in black and white so there is no compensation, etc. All the responsibility of the purchaser / buyer
:steamthis:Always check the inventory and price list, because sometimes I forget to update items that have been sold (lectures and assignments)
:steamthis: Can transfer money in advance, if it is used to buy and items still in inventory
:steamthis: The one and only Jeremy 'vuLdrosE' Desmond, beware of impersonators !!!
:steamthis: If you are gonna be offline more than 30 days. please info me otherwise gonna be removed

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