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I really enjoy this game but it's getting a thumbs down because the lies of the tag "Shared/Splitscreen Co-op". It does not have local coop for the Loop, the main part of the game. There's only local play for the PVP minigames called Totem.
Posted November 26, 2023.
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Trying to play local coop ran into these bugs repeatedly
- Unable to move characters after a loading screen / transition
- Unable to interact with stuff when it says press/hold A
- P2 joining takes over P1, and moves P1 to P2.
- Opening Pack of Cards freeze the game

They should consider remaking the aiming system for gamepads.
You aim with right analog stick but you have to let go of the stick to use skills (A,B,X,Y) and some of those require aiming. This leads to wasting skills by shooting them in the wrong place or in the air.
Posted May 7, 2022. Last edited May 7, 2022.
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I have played multiple EDF games and I really want to enjoy this but I could not get past the low resolution and the bad mouse & keyboard controls. For a PC game this is just ridiculous.

First time I launched the game, the ingame text changed itself from English to what I think was Japanese. A restart was required to change it at the main menu. It was fine after selecting English again.

Now let me clarify what the issue is with the resolution.
The highest resolution for the game offers is 1920x1080 but the internal resolution ingame is a lower. I'd say it feels closer to 1280x720.
Anti-aliasing didn't help much due to the low resolution and I thought it actually looked worse with it on.
The cutscenes/movies looked a lot better than the actual gameplay for me.
The Field of View (FOV) felt very narrow for a PC game but it is playable. It is not customizable so please be aware of this if you get nauseous from low FOV.

The keyboard controls isn't necessarily bad but it felt like some inputs were dropped.
The mouse on the other hand feels like no one has ever played a PC game. It feels more like an analog stick with a deadzone and poor sensitivity controls.

I tried playing multiplayer alone as host and joining with random people but I had lag spikes every 3-5 seconds that made the camera swing me all over the place.
In singleplayer, I did not suffer from any lag spikes.
Posted October 15, 2019. Last edited October 16, 2019.
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Early Access Review
This is a review for the multiplayer version of the game

Has the the same desync and bugs in multiplayer since the game was released 6 months ago with no changes.
These issues have been posted and are known. It's not something the developers have missed. It's more likely they don't know how to fix it.

Bugs & desynch which happens in every single game my friends and myself have tried include
- Animals are in different locations for players
- Killing animals don't drop anything at all (even for host)
- Loot drops only where the host "sees" the animal.
- Animals stop moving
- Loot dropped can not be picked up.

There as been no visible progress to the multiplayer portion of the game.
Do not buy this game if you plan to play multiplayer.

The singleplayer portion or the game may be fine.
Posted August 27, 2017. Last edited August 27, 2017.
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