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I'm also moderator for the community in Blockstorm and Witch It.
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Clint Underwood Oct 31, 2017 @ 1:23pm 
its urgent virtux. its about witch it. IDK why but when i start the game, the screen turns black and then the game crashes. what do i do?
Juf ank Oct 31, 2017 @ 1:04pm 
watch the steamdb forum...
Juf ank Oct 31, 2017 @ 1:04pm 
no hes not he scammed alot;;
Clint Underwood Oct 31, 2017 @ 1:04pm 
Virtux how can i contact you?
Clint Underwood Sep 21, 2017 @ 11:04am 
so its safe to buy witch it and play it in a full server?
Clint Underwood Sep 18, 2017 @ 11:08am 
hi virtux. could u tell me (more or less) how much people is playing witch it, like how many per server, and if its worth it to buy the game?