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Until Death Do Us Part

Marry another character
Unlocked Sep 10, 2020 @ 8:41pm

Way of Life

Complete an entire Lifestyle (all three trees)
Unlocked Jan 24, 2022 @ 12:03am

A House of My Own

Create a Cadet Branch of your Dynasty
Unlocked Sep 15, 2020 @ 8:23pm

Dreadful Ruler

Have the maximum amount of dread
Unlocked Sep 13, 2020 @ 10:47pm

Stressful Situation

Suffer from a Mental Break
Unlocked Sep 13, 2020 @ 1:26am

The Succession is Safe

Have ten living children
Unlocked Sep 13, 2020 @ 9:29pm


Have one hundred living dynasty members
Unlocked Jan 24, 2022 @ 2:31pm

Turning to Diamonds

Reach the highest possible Stress level
Unlocked Sep 30, 2020 @ 7:25pm


Reach the highest possible Prestige Level
Unlocked Sep 15, 2020 @ 10:33pm


Reach the highest possible Piety Level
Unlocked Jan 23, 2022 @ 10:20pm

Non Nobis Domine

Found a Holy Order
Unlocked Sep 17, 2020 @ 6:14pm

Followed by Shadows

Know ten secrets simultaneously
Unlocked Mar 5, 2021 @ 10:15pm

From Rags to Riches

Starting as a Count, lead your line to rule an Empire
Unlocked Nov 21, 2020 @ 7:02pm

Land of the Rus

Starting as Rurik the Troublemaker in 867, lead your dynasty to rule the Empire of Russia
Unlocked Jan 23, 2022 @ 10:36pm

Paragon of Virtue

Have three or more virtuous traits
Unlocked Nov 18, 2020 @ 7:01pm

Fine Print

Use a hook to modify a feudal contract
Unlocked Sep 17, 2020 @ 10:45pm

Know Your Place

Defeat a faction in a war
Unlocked Sep 13, 2020 @ 1:13am

It's not a Cult!

Create a Faith
Unlocked Sep 17, 2020 @ 6:38pm

An Unfortunate Accident

Inherit a title from someone you murdered
Unlocked Nov 21, 2020 @ 5:04pm

Death Did Us Part

Murder your spouse
Unlocked Jan 25, 2022 @ 8:18pm

For the Faith!

Take part in a successful Great Holy War, on either side
Unlocked Jan 17, 2022 @ 2:15pm

Bad Blood

Go to war with one of your siblings over a Claim
Unlocked Sep 13, 2020 @ 10:56pm

Moving up in the World

Increase your Rank
Unlocked Sep 13, 2020 @ 3:00am


As an Asatru, hold all of the original Thessalonika, and any empire title other than Byzantium
Unlocked Jan 23, 2022 @ 10:50pm


Fund an Inspired character's Project, and receive the end result
Unlocked Apr 17 @ 7:31pm

Converging Paths

Create a Hybrid Culture
Unlocked Apr 22 @ 8:54pm

Crème de la Crème

Reach the maximum amount of Court Grandeur
Unlocked Apr 18 @ 12:06am

One of a Kind

Obtain a mythological rarity artifact from an Adventurer Inspiration
Unlocked Apr 22 @ 8:28pm

Delusions of Grandeur

Be at least 6 levels above your expected Court Grandeur
Unlocked Apr 18 @ 12:06am

I Made This

Loot an artifact you do not have a claim on and pass it down to your heir
Unlocked Apr 21 @ 3:40am

A Legacy to Last the Ages

Complete an entire Dynasty Legacy

Not So Feudal System

Use the Claim Throne scheme successfully

Álmost There

As Álmos Árpád, form Hungary and convert to Christianity

Last Count, First King

Starting as Duke Nuño of Portucale in 1066, form Portugal

A Name Known Throughout the World

Have your dynasty reach the highest possible Level of Splendor

End of an Era

Play until 1453


Starting as an Iberian Christian, convert all of Iberia to Christianity

Seven Holy Cities

As a Hindu ruler, hold all seven Hindu Holy Sites at the same time


As a French Catholic, hold the Kingdom of Thessalonika without being vassalised to Byzantium

Keeping it in the Family

Have a child with the Inbred trait

Trapped in the Web

Have strong hooks on three direct vassals

What Nepotism?

Have your Dynasty rule ten independent realms of at least Kingdom tier simultaneously

Rise from the Ashes

Restore the Roman Empire

The Emerald Isle

Starting as an Irish ruler, hold the Kingdom of Ireland

Give a Dog a Bone

Starting as Matilda di Canossa in 1066, rule Italy, have 50 Dynasty members, and found a Holy Order


Starting as an Iberian Muslim, control Iberia and take the Avenge the Battle of Tours decision

Wily as the Fox

Starting as Robert the Fox in 1066, rule Sicily, hold a Greek Kingdom, and convert it to Catholicism

Sibling Rivalry

Starting as any of the Jimena siblings in 1066, become Emperor of Spain

Blood Eagle

Starting as any child of Ragnarr Lothbrok, conquer all of the British Isles

Kings to the Seventh Generation

Starting as Count Eudes of Anjou in 867, lead your Dynasty to rule the Kingdom of France

Norman Yoke

Starting as William in 1066, win the Invasion, become English, and have only English vassals

Royal Dignity

Starting as Vratislav Přemyslid in 1066, lead your Dynasty to rule Bohemia and the Holy Roman Empire

Going Places

As Haesteinn of Montaigu in 867, hold any Kingdom tier title

Above God

Have a strong hook on your Head of Faith

The Things Love Does for Us

Have a lover save you from a murder attempt


Fully upgrade a duchy capital building anywhere in your personal domain

The Things We Do for Love

Murder your lover's spouse


As any one character, successfully seduce ten people

The Emperor's New Clothes

While holding any empire title, be naked

A Perfect Circle

Have only two distinct parents, grandparents, and great grandparents

Carolingian Consolidation

Starting as a Karling, be the only independent Karling to hold a landed title

Beacon of Progress

Have your culture unlock all innovations, excluding regional and culture-specific innovations

Mother of us All

Starting as Daurama Daura, have your line reform an African faith, and convert all of Africa to it

Far from Home

As a Norse-Asatru ruler, have your capital on any island in the Indian Ocean

Canute the Greater

As an unreformed tribal, form the North Sea Empire

King of all the Isles

As a North Germanic Asatru, control all islands in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, whilst keeping your realm size below a certain threshold

Faster than the Fox

As a Norse tribal, control the entirety of Sicily


Starting and staying as a North Germanic Asatru of any kind, take the Found Witch Coven Decision

Saga in Stone

As any one dynasty, commission a hundred rune stones

First of the Crusader Kings

As a Christian North Germanic, participate in the very first crusade from the start

Vladimir's Second Choice

As a North Germanic or Russian Asatruan of any kind, convert to any Islamic faith & convert all of Russia.

A Dangerous Business

As a dwarf, win a Varangian Adventurer war anywhere outside of Europe

Changing Course

Create a Divergent Culture


Have an artifact in every slot in the Inventory and Court


Personally know 10 languages


Sponsor 30 successful inspirations in one game

True Tolerance

Rule a realm containing at least 10 cultures with 95% or more acceptance of your culture

Bod Chen Po

As a member of the Pugyel Dynasty, re-create the Empire of Tibet

Turkish Eagle

As the Seljuk Count in Samosata, form Rum and create a Hybrid Culture between Oghuz and Greek

Rise of the Ghurids

Starting as the Duke of Ghur in 867 or 1066, conquer the borders of the historical Ghurid Empire

Brave and Bold

As the Piasts in 867, rule a Feudal Poland and own a Famed+ regalia, crown, weapon, and armor

Lingua Franca

Have every Royal Court speak your Court Language

Beta Israel

Starting and staying as a Jewish ruler in East Africa, rule a Kingdom and diverge your culture

They Belong in a Museum

Appoint a character with a completed Adventure inspiration as your Antiquarian

Nobody Comes to Fika

With the County of Fika as your primary title, diverge your culture and spread it to 30 Counties

The True Royal Court

As a vassal king to an emperor, have a higher court grandeur than they do

History's Best Friends

Sleep with your best friend while having the "Ritualized Friendship" cultural tradition

Basque In My Glory

Embrace the Basque paganism faith during the Iberian struggle

Friendship Is Magic

Use a friendship hook on a different-faith ruler involved in the Iberian struggle

High Stakes

Bet a title on a strategy game match against another ruler

Iberia or Iberia?

As an Iberian culture character, control all of the Caucasian Iberia region

The Andalusian Inquisition

Convert all of Iberia to the Mozarabic faith

Iberian Hostilities

End the Iberian struggle through means of force

Iberian Conciliation

End the Iberian struggle by setting your differences aside

Iberian Compromise

End the Iberian struggle through compromise

Holidaying in Iberia

Start as an uninvolved character, become involved and end the Iberian struggle

Legacy of The Campeadores

Create and rule the kingdom of Valencia as an heir to El Cid

The Grandest Tour

Visit ten Kingdom Tier Vassals on a Grand Tour

Your Eternal Reward

As a Regent, sucessfully coup your liege to take their Realm without War or Schemes

Imperial March

As an Emperor, go on an Intimidation Tour visiting all of your Powerful Vassals

Black Dinner

Successfully host a Murder Feast or Bloody Wedding

There and Back Again

Finish both tracks of the Traveler Trait

The Very Best

Finish any track in the Hastiluder Trait

Like No One Ever Was

Finish all tracks in the Hastiluder Trait

A Thousand and One Night

Orchestrate a Grand Wedding where the Spouses become Soulmates

A Knight's Tale

Have one of your Lowborn Knights win a Grand Tournament Joust, then land them

Hunting Accident

Succeed with the Murder Intent while on a Hunt

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Capture a large wild animal while on a Hunt

Fly, My Pretty!

Finish the Falconer track in the Hunter Trait

Pathway to Heaven

With one Character, go on Pilgrimages to all of your Holy Sites

Sir Lance-a-Lot

Participate in a Joust with a maxed out Horse track for the Hastiluder Trait

I'm in my Element(s)

Pass through every Terrain, including naval, whilst on the same Travel


Succeed at a Legendary Hunt

Little William Marshal

Win every Contest at a Grand Tournament with at least three Contests

A True and Perfect Knight

Have a max rank Acclaimed Knight with the Warrior of the Faith Trait

A.E.I.O.U. and Me

Starting as the Habsburgs, rule the Archduchy of Austria, plan 5+ Grand Weddings and don't wage War

The Iron and Golden King

Have a capital Barony with 60+ income, a stationed 500+ Heavy Cavalry Regiment and a mine

Royal Flush

As a character of a faith with the Fadaeyeen Doctrine, dispose of a Lowborn, a King and an Emperor

Fiscal Responsibility

Fill Five Tax Collector slots with excellent Aptitude characters

Iranian Revival

Take the Iranian Resurgence ending in the Iranian Intermezzo Struggle

The Abbasid Restoration

Take the Strenghten the Caliphate ending in the Iranian Intermezzo Struggle

Darius' Revenge

As a character of Iranian Heritage, hold the Empire of Persia, Kingdom of Thessalonika, and Kingdom of Hellas

Mulct Them Dry

Loot four Illustrious-Tier Vizier Extravagance Modifiers from your Vizier

Rich in Diversity

Have 10 vassals of a different faith than yours under Jizya Law

The Ummayad Strikes Back

Starting as a member of the Umayyad Dynasty, hold the Empire of Arabia and the Sunni Caliphate

Shia Reborn

Take the 'Found a New Caliphate' foundation as part of the Abbassid Humiliation ending in the Iranian Intermezzo Struggle

All Your Caliphate Are Belong To Us

Take the 'Dominate the Caliph' foundation as part of the Abbasid Humiliation ending in the Iranian Intermezzo Struggle

Not Today

Contract, and recover from, the Bubonic Plague

Divine Right

Reach the maximum level of Legitimacy

You'll Never Take Me Alive!

Travel to a safe holding while your Capital is infected by a Epidemic

The Pharaoh Islands

As a Scottish character, complete a Legend claiming your descent from Ancient Egypt


Manage to make your Legend Protagonist a Saint

Upward Mobility

Successfully claim your Liege's title while having a higher Legitimacy Level than them

Can't Touch This

Have an infected Barony at the maximum Epidemic Resistance


Complete a Legend

Pay Respects

Host a Funeral for your Legend Protagonist

Local Legend

As a Count, complete a Mythical Legend

Neverending Story

Complete your ancestor's Legend after their death