Maksim   Baku, Baki, Azerbaijan
HLTV [www.hltv.org]
plug your mouse next to the internet cable cos then ur aim
has faster connection
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degenerat666 Jun 16 @ 10:56am 
sign please legenda syman
ogwel Jun 11 @ 9:46am 
can u sign pls
rayzen May 10 @ 7:48am 
Profilə yazın gardash)
kLOUD May 10 @ 4:48am 
sign ?
rk May 5 @ 4:39am 
guy is beast
Hurmex Apr 28 @ 6:25am 
Hi, when you find time, please add me as a friend, thanks. I am the one who asked you if you play any games. :steamhappy: